2 Strange Encounters

It is a peaceful day at Tremorton, where a teenage robot named Jenny, also known as XJ9 with her mother is hanging out with her friends Brad and Tuck, they are enjoying their time together, until her mom Dr.Nora interrupts their conversation

Dr.Nora: "Jenny can you please come to the lab?"

Jenny: "But Mom, I'm hanging out with my friends right now..."

Dr.Nora: "This is something important"

Jenny: "Ok, mom"

Dr.Nora hangs up, as Brad and Tuck said their goodbyes to Jenny.

Jenny flies to Dr.Nora's lab, walks through the hallways and finally reaches her Mom.

Jenny: "Mom, I'm here now, why did you call me?"

Dr.Nora:"I need you to patrol around the city to see if Vexus or other threats are coming"

Jenny: "why?"

Dr.Nora: "A few weeks ago, I've been seeing articles about a strange robot roaming around the world, so I want to make sure everything will be fine"

Jenny: "ok Mom"

Jenny walks out of the lab as she flew up and Patrol the city.

Jenny: (in mind) "Why would Mom let me do this job? There are other people who can do this..."

After several hours of patrolling, an explosion occurred at Dr.Nora's lab.

Jenny: "wait... Mom!!!!!"

Jenny shouts in shock as she head towards the lab.

The lab was on fire, she checked on her Mother. She took Dr.Nora out of the fire as she tries to catch pulse from her body, she couldn't hear it. She tried giving her a shock, after several trials, she still won't wake up.

Jenny:(Crying) "N-no! It can't be! Please.... wake up! Moommm! Please, Please... *sigh* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

Dr.Nora was dead, of course she lost her sisters too. While she cries, an unknown voice spoke.

???: "Well, well, well, Hello there"

Jenny: "Wh-Who are you?!"

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???: "You haven't heard of me huh...."

Jenny: "yes! Who in the world are you?!"

???: "I am, Chaos Jenny"

Jenny: "wait, I'm also Jenny..."

Chaos Jenny: "I see what's happening right now with you"

Jenny: "Why do you care? This is non of your business"

Jenny tries to remember one of the last things her Mom told her to do, She remembers about her mom telling her to Patrol the city for any Dangerous threats.

Jenny: "Let me guess, you're one of those unknown Robots here in Earth..."

Chaos Jenny: "Indeed I am"


Chaos Jenny: "Your body, your mind and your weapons"

Jenny: "But that's what makes me a robot"

Chaos Jenny: "I know... I just want you to join us"

Jenny: "why?"

Chaos Jenny: "To help me take over this world"

Jenny: "You know what, I'm not Joining you!"

Chaos Jenny: "Why is that?"

Jenny: "First an explosion killed my Mother, and I'm designed to Protect! Not to kill!"

Chaos Jenny: "Very Well, if you want the hard way, I'll make it the hard way..."

After that conversation, Chaos Jenny made her first move on attacking Jenny, She gave Jenny a punch, as Jenny dodged the move and decided to give Chaos Jenny a kick to her, she managed to give her a strong kick, as Chaos Jenny activated her Rockets to fly. Jenny also flew to attack her with her blaster.

Chaos Jenny: "What a coincidence for you to be similar to me"

Jenny: "I don't even know what your talking about!"

Jenny finally shot Chaos Jenny, and another small explosion was made, getting Chaos Jenny thrown into the sky, Jenny manage to catch up with her, and gave her another punch, causing Chaos Jenny to be played as a ball. Before punching her to the ground, Chaos Jenny manage to read Jenny's next move and blocked her, She gave Jenny a headlock, making Jenny not move.

Jenny: "Let me go you copycat! I said LET ME GO!!!"

Chaos Jenny: "Why would I?

Chaos Jenny enjoys almost crushing her head. She gave Jenny a knock out, making her unconscious. Chaos Jenny left her lying in the ground. As time passes.

Another strange robot appeared

???: "Huh? Oh my gosh, she looks busted, I should bring her to Dad"

That strange robot took Jenny to go back to their place.

To be Continued

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