6 Robotropolis


The three still can't get over with the intruder, Megaman came to check the news for the following day, but he found out that their T.V was hijacked, he told the others, Chaos Jenny spoke to them when she appeared in the T.V she told them about her next attack, as she arrived Jenny managed to beat her, as her assistant XJ-Goth helped her get back to the ship.

It is another peaceful day at Metro City where Jenny spent time with their friends, and having fun with each other.

Megaman: "I'm so glad that we finally beat her up"

Astroboy: "Yep, I know that feeling, but sometimes you still have to put your guard on"

Jenny: "Yeah!"

As they were talking Megaman heads out of the lab

Megaman: "Guys, I'm just gonna buy us some of the Energy tanks I need"

Jenny: "But Mega, I thought there aren't Energy tanks any-"

Megaman shuts the door leaving them.

Jenny: "Wow, he doesn't know there aren't Energy Tanks being sold anymore..."

Astroboy: "We could just make him some if he doesn't find any"

Jenny: "true..."

Meanwhile, Megaman is still finding an E-Tank store (Energy Tanks)

He found a flier in the ground, he picked it up, the flier appears to be from a place called 'Robotropolis'.

Megaman kept the flier as he hurries back to the lab, Megaman quickly opened the door.

Megaman: "Guys, I found a flier from this city called Robotropolis"

Jenny: "Robotropolis?"

Astroboy: "Is there something going on there?"

Megaman: "I don't know, for me it would be good to check this out haha, and might make new friends and all, haha"

Astroboy: "We should ask Dr.Tenma for this"

Jenny: "Alright then"

Astroboy decided to ask it himself to Dr.Tenma. Astroboy walked down the hallway to approach Dr.Tenma, he finally arrived to his room as he asks.

Astroboy: "Dad, Mega found this flier he said he wanted to go to this place.

Dr.Tenma: "Robotropolis huh?"

Astroboy: "Yeah, we wanted to check this place out"

Dr.Tenma: "Hmmm, I'm sorry son but, I still have duties for the ministry of science"

Astroboy: "alright..."

Astroboy slowly walks back to his friends.

Astroboy: "well, he's busy"

Jenny: "We could just go there by ourselves"

Megaman: "Exactly"

Astroboy: "I mean, It wouldn't hurt to go there right?"

Jenny: "Yeah"

The three finally have made their decision on going on their own. They traveled to Robotropolis. As they took an airplane, they walked and look for their seats, it was good that they all have the same section.

Jenny: "Oh hey, our sits are right next to each other!"

Astroboy: "Wow, that's good"

The three sat on their seats as the airplane takes off, after an hour of traveling the plane finally lands to Robotropolis.

Megaman: "Astro, wake up, we're here"

Astroboy: "H-Huh? Oh hey!"

Jenny got surprised with Astro's loud voice making Jenny wake up.

Jenny: "Ahhh! Astro"

Astroboy: "Oh, hehe, Sorry about that"

Jenny: "It's okay"

(Airplane automated voice): "please take off your seatbelts and be sure not to forget your personal belongings" *repeats*

They finally walked out of the air plane, as they saw the wonderful city of Robotropolis, of course they went to get out of the airport first.

After getting out of the airport they made their way to find a hotel to check in with.

Jenny: "Does any of you have enough money to pay for the hotel?"

Astroboy: "I do, I saved these up incase we would go to a place like this"

Jenny: "Shouldn't I be the one paying?"

Astroboy: "Nah, leave it to me"

Megaman: "You're too kind Astro, but thanks"

Astro pays the check-in as they find their room. They spent the rest of the day resting in the hotel room, they planned to stay there for 3 days. The morning has arrived as the three woke up. They did what they needed to do in order to get ready for them to explore Robotropolis.

Meanwhile at Chaos Jenny's base:

Chaos Jenny: "So they went to Robotropolis then eh? Perfect"

Chaos Jenny watches the three as she saw another robot. She saw another robot who is just like them, defending their city from evil.

Chaos Jenny: "Oh yes, a new target"

Back at Robotropolis:

The three explored the city. Suddenly another explosion occurred at some place where robots were held. Astroboy heard the incident quickly.

Astroboy: "Guys, we need to check out the incident that happened in the robot factory"

Jenny: "Alright then"

Megaman: "Let's go!"

The three headed to the factory, they saw another robot struggling to find the person behind this.

???: "Can't pull pipe"

Megaman: "You need some help?"

???: "Yes"

Jenny: "Ummm, what's your name?"

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???: "Robotboy"

Jenny: "Alright, Robotboy, who is responsible for this?"

Robotboy: "Robotboy don't know"

Jenny: "What did it look like?"

Robotboy: "Robotboy saw girl with spikes and with Red"

Jenny: (mumuring) "Chaos Jenny"

Megaman: "What did she do?"

Robotboy: "She, Break in, beat Robotboy"

Astroboy: "Oh no..."

Jenny: "Where did she go?, or which way?"

Robotboy: "That way" (points to the right)

Jenny: "Thanks Robotboy, thank you for giving us directions"

Jenny and the other two flew out of the robot factory, while Robotboy was left alone, so Robotboy decided to follow them. While Jenny and the others head to the right, Robotboy catches up.

Jenny: "Huh?"

Robotboy: "Hi"

Astroboy: "it's you again"

Robotboy: "Robotboy want to help"

Jenny: "Alright, you can come with us"

Robotboy: "Names?"

Jenny: "Oh, I'm Jenny, this is Mega, and this is Astro"

Astroboy/Megaman: "Nice to meet you Robotboy"

Robotboy: "Robotboy happy to meet Astro and Mega too"

Jenny: "You really like speaking in third person huh?, I don't judge, oh yeah, can you lead us to where she went?"

Robotboy: "Robotboy don't know where she went"

Astroboy: "Don't worry Jenny I managed to give her a tracker while she was unconscious"

Jenny: "Oh phew, lead us the way Astro!"

Astroboy: "Yeah!"

As they flew further, Astroboy leads them to where Chaos Jenny is, they manage to see her base after 30 minutes of flying.

Jenny: "There it is!"

Megaman: "Let's go in now!"

Astroboy: "Guys wait!"

Jenny: "Why?"

Astroboy: "I need to check if it's safe to go in there"

Megaman: "Scan away Astro"

Astroboy scans if it's safe, unfortunately he detected a force field.

Astroboy: "Guys, we have a problem"

Jenny: "What?"

Astroboy: "There's a force field"

Megaman: "Aww, damn it"

Jenny: "Is there anyway to break through?"

Astroboy: "There is"

Jenny: "Alright, what is it?"

Astroboy: "Alright, what we can do is, Jenny and I will try combining our lasers so that we could break through, but we need to be quick when flying"

Megaman: "Can me and Robotboy help?"

Astroboy: "If you guys add up, hmmm, wait"

Jenny: "okay"

Astroboy: "Ah! Yeah, if you two help us we could get to disable the force field"

Jenny: "Great!"

They all combined their power as they make a huge super shot! They broke the force field.

Inside the base:

Chaos Jenny feels her base shaking.

Chaos Jenny: "What the, let me see what's happening, Ahhhh!, Goth!"

XJ-Goth: "Yes? *Gasp* Our Base is being attacked!"

Chaos Jenny: "Yes, go to your station and launch the troops!"

XJ-Goth: "On it!"

Chaos Jenny's troops were launched.

Meanwhile outside her base, Jenny and the other three are doing their best to attack the troops.

Jenny: "Guys, if we keep on attacking the troops we might lose too much energy, Astro, do you think you can go there and try to break in?"

Astroboy: "I'll try!"

Jenny: "Good!"

Astroboy did his best to break in while Jenny and the others distract the troops. Astro managed to get into the fortress of Chaos Jenny as he ran inside. But the fortress was big, the doors almost cl0sed shut as Astroboy tries to prevent one from closing to make an entrance for her friends.

Astroboy: "Guys!"

Jenny: "What?!"

Astroboy: "Hurry! Go over here!"

Jenny: "Alright, Megaman, Robotboy!"

Megaman/Robotboy: "Coming!"

The three hurries to get inside as they successfully entered Chaos Jenny's fortress, the door finally slammed shut. As they were trapped.

To be Continued....

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