1 PROLOGUE- The Outbreake of the Chaotic forces.

Once upon a time, in the planet of Norgastia, a planet that is full of criminals

There were villains that rome around the streets and do their daily job, some of them are in prison cells, some of them are free and wanted and some of them are wicked as an imperfect role model.

In the prison cell, there is one person who wants to get out of this awful and greedy planet to have her own kingdom in another world.

???: "Ughhh.... I'm so tired in here... how am I supposed to get out?...."

She tries to think of a plan to escape the mighty prisons... she looked around to find a way to cut the wires that are tied to her hands. As she leurks around the prison cell, she found a piece of glass that was broken from the window that was bursted by a villain, as she grabs the piece of glass, she cuts the wires that prevents her from activating her weapon system.

???: "yes! Yes!"

She speaks in joy. She is finally free to burst through the walls, she cuts the wall using her laser as she punches the wall of her prison cell.

As she flew out of the cell, the alarms of Prison blasted a loud sound.

Guard 1: "what the! She escaped!"

Guard 2: "get her, now!"

Of course, her weapons were big, she shoots the drones and sabotaged the cameras using her powerful hack voice commands. She escaped planet Norgastia as she flew to find a new planet.

She flew around the universe finding planets. While she is finding a planet to conquer, She called her journey 'Planet Hunting' as she found her first planet, the first planet she found was peaceful, but there weren't living things in it.

???: "Ughh, This planet looks too peaceful and lonely, i should look for another one to conquer"

She flew out of the planet, finding another planet to conquer. After several fails of finding, she spot a lively looking plannet, that is called 'Earth' where there are living beings like humans. She secretly landed on the planet and explored. of course, The earthlings and the authorities of Earth does not know about the bot who landed, as she starts to build a base later on, at the Mountains of Fuji. She built Three Robots to help her do her dirty work, and stole one that looked similar from her creations. Months have passed. She wanted to name her creations to treat them as a person.

???: "I should give them a name for me to speak to them properly"

After naming her bots, she finally have decided to make a plan for taking over the world, along side with the Robots she had created.

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