3 Jenny meets a new Friend


Jenny encounters a strange robot that was from another planet, her name was Chaos Jenny and she destroyed everything she loved, she fought the robot and was beaten up, she was picked up by another stranger.....

Jenny wakes up in an unfamiliar place.

Jenny: "Huh? Where am I?"

She looks around and she appears to be in a guest room, she seems to hear talking outside her room, She wanted to ignore the talking but she just became more curious on what they are talking about.

(Murmuring voice): "Son, go check the new robot that you found"

Jenny's eyes widened as she hurries to pretend to sleep.

???: "huh? Hey, it's ok... Please don't be afraid... I know you're awake"

Jenny slowly rose from the bed.

Jenny:" w-who are you?"

???: "Great, you can talk"

Jenny: "Y-Yeah... but, who are you?"

???: "Oh, I'm Astro, call me Astro"

Jenny: "Astro, what a..."

Astroboy: "What a what?"

Jenny: "w-what a rare name"

Astroboy: "Oh, haha thanks"

Jenny: "H-How did I end up in here?"

Astroboy: "Oh, I found you lying in the ground, so I picked you up and brought you here, You looked like you were beaten up so I brought you here to be fixed"

Jenny: "O-Oh, I didn't know..."

Astroboy: "I have a question"

Jenny: "Yeah?"

Astroboy: "How did you end up lying in the ground"

Jenny: "oh... I don't wanna talk about it..."

Astroboy: "Is that so? You can summarize it if it's long"

Jenny: "Ok....So... earlier today, there was an explosion that occurred in where I live, then, then.... I checked on my Mom... and..."

Jenny slowly starts to cry.

Astroboy: "H-hey, everything's gonna be ok, cmon tell me, I want to help you get over this..."

Jenny: "M-My Mom died! I tried giving her a shock several times, b-but... she didn't wake up..."

Astroboy: "Th-that's awful, is there something else that happened?"

Jenny: "I encountered this unknown robot that my mom told me about, I fought her"

Astroboy: "What was her name?"

Jenny: "Her name was Chaos Jenny, I fought her, I almost won, but... she managed to beat me..."

Astroboy: "Oh... No wonder you were unconscious in the ground"

Jenny: "Yeah, and I hated that!"

Astroboy: "Come, I'll show you to my dad"

Jenny: "Ok..."

Astro and Jenny walks out of their room to show Jenny to her dad.

???: "Oh, Toby that's the robot you found? She looks familiar, if you don't know me, My name is Dr.Tenma"

Jenny: "H-Hi"

Jenny smiles. Jenny seems to get a little early memory from Dr.Tenma, she wanted to know more about him.

Jenny: "S-sir?"

Dr.Tenma: "Yes?"

Jenny: "D-Do you know this person named Nora Wakeman?

Astroboy: "Dad, isn't she the one you told me about, your friend in the university?"

Jenny: "Friend?"

Dr.Tenma: "Yes, she is my friend, why did you ask?"

Jenny: "S-She's my Mother, and she died earlier"

Jenny gives the two a sad face. Astro wanted to comfort her.

Astroboy: "Look, you know... I didn't know I used to be a human once..."

Jenny: "Wait... you're a robot?"

Astroboy: "I am..."

Jenny: "How did you become a robot?"

Astroboy: "I actually don't know, ask my Dad, he knows"

Jenny: "Huh"

Astro finally ends their conversation, as Jenny was feeling better.

Astro walks to his room thinking about his past self.

Astro:(In his mind) Face it Astro! It's the truth!

Jenny walks into Astro's room, she saw Astro spacing out and didn't know why.

Jenny: "Astro?"

Astroboy snaps back into the real world.

Astroboy: "h-huh? Jenny, what are you doing here?"

Jenny: "I just wanted to check on you, because you seem to be pretty upset"

Astroboy: "Oh, thanks for your concern Jenny..."

Jenny: "No Problem"

Suddenly, an attack occurred again,

Dr.Tenma: "Astro, Jenny! Go over hear"

Astroboy: "Why Doctor?"

Dr.Tenma: "The city is being attacked by unknown robots"

Jenny: "Let me look closer"

Jenny analyzes the robot on the news.

Jenny: "That's the robot I encountered earlier!"

Astroboy: "That's Chaos Jenny?"

Jenny: "Yeah, and we need to stop her, pronto!

Astroboy: "Okay!"

Astroboy and Jenny went outside as they flew to stop the robots attacking the city. In a distance Chaos Jenny is watching destruction happen.

???: "I'm glad you chose to attack this city, she was right here"

Chaos Jenny: "of course, there is also another robot that is strong enough to power us in here"

Back at the battle field, Jenny decided to find Chaos Jenny to stop the attack.

Astroboy: "Jenny, where are you going?"

Jenny: "I'm going to find the person behind all this!"

Astroboy: "Okay! Be careful"

Jenny: "Okay!!"

Jenny flies to find Chaos Jenny as she tries to find her, she had a surprise attack.

Chaos Jenny: "Haaa!"

Jenny: "Yeeeaahhhh!!!"

Chaos Jenny: "Didn't expect me to do it this way, huh?!"

Jenny: "You monster!"

Jenny fights Chaos Jenny, as Astro tries to find Jenny.

Astroboy: "Jenny! Where are you?!"

Astro yells out her name, While he finds her, he heard a noise on the corner of the street.

Astroboy: "Oh, There you are!"

Chaos Jenny: "ooooh... this is gonna be fun, hehehe"

Jenny: "Astro you gotta help me with this!"

Astroboy: "On it!"

Astroboy slowly walks to the battle field.

Jenny: "Astro! What are you doing?! I need your help!"

Astroboy: "Stop this fight now! Both of you!"

Chaos Jenny: "Never!"

Astroboy: "ok fine! If it's a fight you want, and it's a fight you'll get!"

Astro tags team with Jenny, as they both fought her.

Chaos Jenny: "Oooooh, yes, you would be perfect to be an ultimate weapon"

Astroboy: "you talking to me?!"

Jenny goes between Astro and Chaos Jenny.

Jenny: You are not taking my friend with you!!!"

Chaos Jenny: After the time I've beaten you? I'm just interested to see the body inside him!"

Jenny: "Nooooo!!!!"

Jenny punches Chaos Jenny, as Astro grabs her and threw her into the ground making a crater.

Astroboy: "I didn't want to fight you, but you're just too much!

Jenny: "I say you surrender now!"

Chaos Jenny: "Ehehehehe, fools....I'll see you again Jenny, you too Astro...."

A thick smoke of wind blew as she disappeared in the crater.

Jenny and Astro went back to the lab, as they meet up with Dr.Tenma.

Astroboy: "Jenny, that fight was tense, is that how she is?"

Jenny: "yeah, she's the one I told you about..."

Astroboy: "the one that killed your mother?"

Jenny: "Yes, she's the one"

Jenny clenched her fist.

Astroboy: "Calm down Jenny"

Jenny pants on aggression on wanting to beat her up.

Jenny: "Th-That monster!"

Astroboy: "Jenny, Jenny, look at me, we're going to beat her up okay? With our weapons, haha...."

Astroboy sweats a little.

Jenny: "Yes, I want her to die!"

Suddenly, Astro picks up another voice.

???: "Let go of me!!!

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Jenny: "what was that?!"

Astro: "We better check it out, C'mon!"

To be Continued...

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