4 Another Strange Night


Jenny was picked up by Astro, who she calls as a friend, she was repaired and saved, but later another attack was occurred, so they fought Chaos Jenny, as they stopped the attack, hours passed and they saw another robot being captured...

Astro picks up another voice of another robot.

The Victim: "Let go of me! I said let go!"

???: "Move or I'll have you electrecuted"

The other robot: "No! Let go of me now!"

Jenny and Astro hurries outside as they saw the ones who was capturing the robot.

Astroboy: "Let go of him, now!"

???: "Huh?! Hey! Get him! Get him!"

Jenny: "Not if I can help it!"

The Victim: *Gasp*

Astroboy plans to shoot the robots that are grabbing the victim's arms

Astroboy: "I need to hit those bots without hurting him"

Astroboy finally does the precise aiming as he shoots the robots that was grabbing the victim.

The group of evil robots finally retreats to their base, leaving the Victim alone. Astroboy and Jenny finally went to the robot that was victimized.

Astroboy: "Are you alright?"

The Victim: "Yeah, caused a little damage to my.. Aughh!"

Astroboy: "No, don't try to move too much, just rest"

Jenny: "Astro, we need to take him to Dr.Tenma for him to be fixed"

Astroboy: "Ok"

Astroboy Carries the robot that he found back to the lab and brought him to Dr.Tenma.

Astroboy: "Will he be okay?"

Dr.Tenma: "Don't worry, he will, as long as I'll be careful I'll be able to fix him"

Jenny: "That's good"

Dr.Tenma worked all night to make sure to recover the robot's memory and fix the parts that seem to be heavily damaged, the robot finally woke up.

The Victim: "H-Huh? Where am I? How did I end up here?"

Dr.Tenma: "Rest your energy for now until morning comes, you will meet friends that will know you"

The Victim: "Ok, goodnight"

The robot finally closed his eyes again, as he sleeps through the night.

Morning finally comes, Dr.Tenma is getting ready for his appointment with the robot he restored.

Dr.Tenma: "Astro, Jenny, Come down here will you?"

Astroboy: "Why Dr.?"

Jenny: "I came here as soon as you asked me Dr."

Dr.Tenma: "Say, don't you want to know who this robot is?"

Astroboy: "Sure"

Jenny: "Soo, what's your name?"

The Victim: "My name's Mega Man, but you can call me Mega if you want"

Astroboy: "Great, I'm Astro, this is my friend Jenny, and my father, Dr.Tenma, he fixed and activated you"

Mega Man: "Really? How wonderful!"

Jenny: "I'm also new here, but I manage to get used to be in here, say, how did you end up in here?"

Dr.Tenma: "Alright, I'll leave you three alone now, be nice to each other"

Jenny/Astroboy/Megaman: "Ok!"

Dr.Tenma leaves the room with a smile.

Jenny: "Soo, how?"

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Megaman: "It all started 12 years ago, where I was a robot who is supposed to assist humans, but years later, things changed, people didn't like robots like me, they think I'm going to be a threat to human kind"

Astroboy: "Then, what happened?"

Megaman: "They threw me out of space, then I was found by another group of scientists, so they fixed me and turned me into this, a combat robot, and yeah, I returned here in Earth, and earlier I was just gonna take a walk until those robots showed up, and yeah"

Jenny: "Oh, that's why you were all caught up"

Megaman: "yeah

Astroboy: "Well, you just met us the right time"

Megaman: "Why?"

Jenny: "Well, we need your help to fight this enemy of ours named Chaos Jenny, she's been attacking his and my home, so we need you to help us stop her"

Megaman: "Alright"

After that conversation Megaman has been checking the news for any threat, and tells his friends if there are any danger or not, hours have passed without an attack from Chaos Jenny, the night has arrived again. Jenny and the others slept. Later there was something watching them, a robot that looks like a threat, and tried to make Megaman captive again, just as the robot snuck in, Dr.Tenma's security system was triggered and alarmed the whole house.

Astroboy: "What the!"

Jenny: "Aughh, Astro what's going on?"

Astroboy: "Someone broke in here"

Megaman: "We need to find who this is, now!"

The three decided to check where the robot is, the three ran into each room to see if the intruder was there, but there was nothing found.

Jenny: "Well, there was nothing"

Megaman: "There must be something here"

Astroboy: "I agree with you Megaman, the alarm won't go crazy for no reason"

Dr. Tenma heard them talking as he woke up.

Dr.Tenma: "Hey, what are you three doing late at night?"

Astroboy: "We heard the alarm went crazy, so we checked the whole house if there was something here"

Dr.Tenma: "Hm, Strange"

Megaman: "We could check on the security footage tomorrow"

Dr.Tenma: "Now go back to bed you three"

Astroboy/Megaman/Jenny: "Ok!"

They all went back to bed. The night passed, as the morning arrives, they all woke up and finally tried to check the security footage.

Dr.Tenma: "What time did the alarm went on"

Astroboy: "I think it was around 11 pm

Dr.Tenma: "Ok"

Dr.Tenma played the security footage, Megaman tried looking closely as he caught the intruder, Megaman paused the footage.

Jenny: "Mega, why did you pause that"

Megaman: "Look at that corner over there, Dr.Tenma, can you please zoom it in where I pointed it"

Dr.Tenma: "Alright"

Dr.Tenma zoomed the spot where Megaman pointed out.

Megaman: "Guys, look, it's another robot"

Astroboy: "you're right, Jenny do you know who this is?"

Jenny: "No, but I've seen this person before"

Megaman: "I think that's the figure we're looking for"

Astroboy: "but it got away somehow"

Megaman: "yeah"

They wanted to have a further investigation, so they tried tracing the footprints that was left the other night, they followed the footprints as they found out that it led them to a cave with gates.

Jenny: "what is this place?"

Astroboy: "I've never seen this place before"

Megaman: "I say we go in"

Jenny: "Are you crazy? We don't even know where we are"

Astroboy: "Hmm, let's see if it safe to go in there"

Astroboy threw a pebble in the cave. The pebble was electrocuted as the force field was triggered.

Astroboy: "We can't go in there, it has a force field, and it would be wrong to break in just because of curiosity"

Megaman: "You do have a point"

Astroboy: "Let's just go back"

Jenny: "ok"

But before they could walk, a cage was dropped above them.

Astroboy: "What the!"

Jenny: "We should've walked faster"

Astroboy: "I'll try breaking the cage"

Astroboy tries breaking cage, as he punches the cage, his hand was electrocuted.

Astroboy: "Ahhhhh!"

Megaman: "This cage has a force field"

Jenny: "We're dead now"

Astroboy: "We can't give up yet!"

They still tried breaking the cage, yet the cage won't budge, another hour has passed, another robot saw them and broke the cage.

????: "Don't try going here again"

Jenny: "U-um, thank you!"

????: "We'll meet again"

The robot that rescued them heads out of the place where they were caged.

Jenny: "Let's hurry home now"

Astroboy: "Right"

Before they head back, Megaman took a picture of the place to try and find the place if they encountered that situation again...

The three finally left the cave.

Inside the cave the intruder reported to her boss what happened to her.

The intruder: "Boss, Those three robots tried breaking in our base, and they almost caught me, they have a security system.

Boss: "Didn't I told you to sabotage their security?"

The Intruder: "Boss, the codes were too strong, I couldn't budge in"

Boss: "They're really smart"

Her boss smirks

Suddenly she got a call, she answered the call.

Chaos Jenny: "Boss"

Boss: "Chaos, have you captured the robot I told you to capture?"

Chaos Jenny: "Not yet, but I am still planning for another strike for Metro City"

Boss: "Very well, do that at the right time, and bring that robot to me, I want them dead, dismantled, and especially, get their power"

Chaos Jenny: "That is such a great idea! I will do my best maam!"

Boss: "Good"

The call ended as she starts to think of a strategy on how she will attack Metro City.

To be continued...

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