The Alpha King's Mafia Mate Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Alpha King's Mafia Mate


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Damon Steel is a cold blooded and ruthless man who is the Alpha of all Alphas. He believes he has no mate as he is not favoured by the Moon goddess due to some happenings in the past. He rules his pack with an iron fist and doesn't tolerate any mistake. Irene Gold is the daughter of the most feared man in Italy. Her father, Mr. Ronaldo Gold is the Don of the Italian Mafia . Her Mafia group was attacked by the Spanish Mafia which lead to the death of her father. In other to escape the chaos , her best friend led her to a place where she finds herself in the midst of another specie. What happens when Damon and Irene world clashes... What would Damon do when he discovers that the Moon goodness hasn't forgotten him.. Would he accept or reject Irene as his mate??? Read to find out....