The Alpha King's Hunt 1 Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Alpha King's Hunt 1


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“If you keep looking at me like that mate, i might just let you have it.’’ he says. I still can't believe it. The king; the Alpha of Alpha’s, is my mate. “What if I want you to give it to me, right here! Hard! Fast! Rough! An..’’ the look he gives me, his adam's apple bobs forward then down, he is fighting restraint. That is exactly where I want him. To tease him and perhaps… ……………………… A hunt has been organized for the king to choose the next luna. There is no longer hope for him to find a mate, tables turn when he journeys to a pack of rogues and finds the banished warrior who so happens to be his mate. It’s already late, he cannot do anything but bend the rules to get her into the hunt. A fight for survival, two people meant to be together. He is the Alpha King of the entire world, she was the warrior of an inferior pack. Can love beat it all?


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