2 Tim

Day 1,

Friday 9th.

Today marked the 3 year anniversary of the day my brother left home.

It's the day my brother left the pack, our parents, me and his life behind.

It's the day he disappeared.

It's the day he died.

There was a suffocating gloominess in the air around the house and I couldn't bare it.

Lucky for me, I had a completely different hellhole to escape to.

I had my breakfast, kissed mom goodbye and fist bumped my dad before leaving..

As I walked through the hallways flanked by my second in command, Jeffrey and my third in command, Drew, I received the usual envious stares from guys and flirty or shy smiles from the girls.

One girl in particular caught my eye and she was not one of the shy ones.

Diane Vellore.

The prettiest, sexiest, most popular, blonde cheerleading girl in school.

Oh, she was also my girlfriend.

The very girlfriend I had to break up with today.

My birthday was in a few weeks' time and I'd be drawn to my mate when I turned eighteen. Call me evil but I had a feeling it wasn't Diane.

"Hey, Timmy boo," she cooed as she wrapped her arms around me and placed a smooch on my lips.

Her scent engulfed me and it was all I could do not to grimace. To anyone else, her scent would be sweet but since the time was nearing -the time for me to find my mate -no other person's scent would suffice.

I smiled and wrapped my hands around her waist and she placed hers on my chest.

"Diane..." I began cautiously, "we need to talk."

Like the pushy girlfriend she was, Diane dismissed my words and pulled on my hand, I didn't budge.

"C'mon, baby. We can talk any other time. Right now, you and I have a pending make out session to attend."

I almost cracked a smile, she was so needy.

One stern glare from Drew was enough for my mind to snap back to it's original train of thought.

"I can't make out with you right now."

"Why the hell not?" She pouted and all I wanted was to bite her lip, make out and maybe fuck her one more time before I had to let her go.

I cleared my throat, "that's what I want to talk to you about. Actually I-"

"You're not breaking up with me, are you, boo?" She interrupted with a cute pout.

"Err....." My dumb ass reaction was apparently all the confirmation she needed.

"You'll regret this, Tim!" She yelled in my face, dipping her torso just a little towards the ground to lean in closer to me and jab me with a finger on my chest.

"I'm the best you can ever have! None of these little bitches can even compare to me," she kept on yelling her mind out but my focus was stolen. With every jab she made to my chest her boobs bounced and her cleavage was not doing much to help me avert my eyes.

She stormed off with her minions and my eyes followed her round, fat ass.

"That went well," Jeff's dry tone drew me out of my dumb stare.

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"What?" I asked.

Drew's eyes sparked with amusement, "you didn't here a single thing she said, did you?"

"Not a word"