1 The beginning

It was a beautiful night in the forrest as I lay in the grass relaxing and look at the sky with the stars and the moon. Suddenly I saw a big fireball flying at the sky over me and it seemed like it would be falling down. The fireball was falling fast and soon it landed in the trees and fell on the ground with a loud noise. I stood up as fast as I could and ran over to the place where it landed. At first I just thought it would be a normal fireball but.. as I got closer I saw it breathing and it got wings and a tail. I sat down next to the thing and saw it bleeding.. at first I was a little shocked but it looked very painful so I decided to use my healing power to heal the wound. My eyes were glowing red as I used the power and the wound was slowly healing. After it healed completely I was laying down on my belly, closed my eyes, and waited until this like fire looking creature would wake up. A few minutes later the creature woke up and moved.

I woke up laying on my back still feeling pain from my wound. I put my left hand at the place where I got shoot but.. there wasn't a wound anymore.. just pain. I sat up and looked next to me since I felt something warm against my right leg and hip and I saw a human.. no more like a wolf.. it looked like a male but I wasn't really sure about that. The wolf has a black fur with dark blue lines ,beginning from the nose over the head down the back to the end of the fluffy tail, and the lines are fading into a blood red from the shoulders to the tail. This wolf also had two big horns on the head, one horn black the other one blood red, and a mark on the cheek, a blue moon with red stars, so I guessed this wolf has a high rank in a pack. As the wolf woke up I could see the eyes.. I was confused but worried at the same time cause.. they had no shine and looked empty like this wolf doesn't seem to feel any emotions.. the right eye was black with a little fade of orange, the left eye was completely black.

As I woke up, cause I heard someone moving, I saw a male with his fur colored like fire and he looked like he is still feeling pain. I looked him in the eyes and I saw that he was confused and a little worried as he saw my empty eyes. I sat up and asked him quietly ,, What are you and why where you falling from the sky bleeding from the shot near your heart?" he didn't answered directly.

I didn't answered in a minute but then I thought that I could trust this person. ,,I am a phoenix and I got shoot from someone cause I flew away. And what are you?"

,,I am a true ledgendery alpha. Call me Bloodshade." I smiled a bit for a moment.

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