1 Prologue

I was idly sitting on my chair; at the only available desk I had found when I first entered the classroom this morning; the one at the very back.

Not that I was complaining, mind you! No, not at all.

I didn't like being in front, way too close to the teacher. The middle offered one major inconvenience; I would be surrounded by other classmates from all sides, which was not what one would be willing to go through if they were the second-to-biggest loner of the school. These were the reasons why the desk at the back suited me just fine.

I was not antisocial or anything, it's just that I earned the right to be at this school; an honorable private school that I wouldn't have been able to even dream of because of its expensive fee.

But, lucky for me, I was a brilliant student.

The communication problem I shared with my classmates might be due to the fact that I was a little younger than them. Most of them were seventeen or eighteen, whereas I had still to turn sixteen. The fact that I skipped a grade or two may influence their judgment. And then, there was the fact that I actually had a scholarship to be among these snobs.

So not easy to make friends, I inwardly sighed.

My family wasn't poor – my mother was a nurse and my father a cop. I had two brothers; Jeremy, the older one, was now at the local college, studying mathematics; whereas Jake, my little baby-bro, was in 7th grade.

So yeah, I led a pretty normal life, with a slightly unusual curriculum.

I had some friends from my old school, but here I mostly stuck to the loner tag. It was easier that way. I slid through the crowd unnoticed, ignored, and it suited me. No attention, no boys, no drama, no troubles!

But what I, Jasmine Peterson, didn't know at the very moment, was that my nice little routine was about to change.

This was the day that changed my simple life irreversibly.

This was the day that witnessed the sealing of my fate.

This was the day that I was sure to never forget –ever!

This was September 3rd, the 1st day back at school… the day that Jonathan first came into my life.

And this is my story.

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