1 1. Nolan

The moon and the sun both shared the pastel sky from opposite directions. They were pale, but fought equally for their time.

Preparations were being made for the evening. Each month, the full moon became a lively party for their kind. It was the only time where traditions were forced to become less... civilized. A warm difference from their usual.

The party glittered with the fanciest jewelry, reflecting off spotless countertops and coming back around to blind if one wasn't careful. Each person wore gorgeous attire with the intent of shedding it within hours for their transformation. Most could afford a little ripping along the way.

He watched as young wolves circled around the most powerful; his deputies, his Second, and anyone he might consider a close friend. Girls would glance his way with greedy eyes, but his eyes remained glazed over and disinterested, confirming the intentional rumors. Yes, he was waiting. Glittery skirts and long legs would not distract him unless a Confirmation walked in with them.

Suddenly, a feeling cut through the room. A concern from each of his pack members settled in immediately, changing the entire tone of the room as some paused to look towards the north side of their borders. An intrusion. His pack mates quickly looked towards him, and his most trusted warriors pulled away from their dates to seek him out immediately.

"Alpha Nolan!" called his older cousin, a strong wolf that had never let him down before.

"I know...," Nolan paused, reaching already to loosen his dark tie and bright collar. He reached with his senses and only felt a single intruder. "Get Garret. Tell John to only gather a second party if he can feel another intruder," the Alpha hurried out until he saw his cousin's concern, "Orin, If the three of us can't handle one wolf, I have more concerns than just the intruder."

That broke the tension, and the cousins smirked with the reminder. They were a confident, powerful pack.

Nolan rushes down a long staircase, unbuttoning the front of his blazer, yanking it off one shoulder as he addressed his pack loudly. "I should return shortly! Continue as you were, we will have this taken care of in no time." He dropped off his blazer at the kitchen table before heading outside, kicking off his shoes on the patio. He stripped nearby, nearly bursting through his undershirt with impatience.

Nolan was a large mountain wolf. His fur was a stormy, grey pattern. His paws were massive and pounded against the dirt as he ran into the forest, moving deep into their territory.

He got a head start from his peers, and hoped he could track down the intruder before they would need to be involved. Nolan could reach out with his senses to identify where the intruder was disrupting his land, but as he approached the north side of his territory, he could hear distressed prey leaping out of the way of the wolf's wake. The brush and branches were ripped in their path, making it easier and easier for the Alpha to follow.

Nolan spotted clumps of soft, pale fur on the tips of broken branches. As he neared the intruder, he made a quick pause to push his nose against it, sniffing the fur clump for more information. Panic. Female. Young. Omega? The scent clung to his nose, smelling nostalgic and distracting, but he had never smelled the scent before. He took no more time to bother with it, hasting himself to catch up with the she-wolf.

'It's an Omega. She's in a panic. Watch yourselves,' he told his incoming packmates through their pack link. It was a few more miles before he caught up to the she-wolf, for she had stopped. He slowed down to avoid spooking her.

Nolan peered in between the trees to see a white she-wolf with strong, taught muscles haunches over something small. Prey, he imagined. He peered down to see a fuzzy fox tail that confirmed it. She ripped the meat off it's bones immediately. She'd viciously rip the meat off and clamp her teeth back around it mid-air. She constantly growled through her meal, as if the fox continued to defy her despite it's lack of a heartbeat. Nolan could feel that she wasn't fully aware of him, yet.

Nolan pawed forward carefully, keeping his steps as light as someone his size could manage. He only intended to get close enough to leap on her. Silence would be impossible.

He abandoned stealth and burst through the trees before leaping.

The she-wolf twisted her head around in shock and fear, probably only seeing claws and fangs. At a disadvantage, she would have no time to react to his pounce, but the omega whipped the furry body around, swiping at his teeth with it. Nolan bit down only on fuzzy tail-fur.

He collided with her with his full-body weight, though, and the two went tumbling into the dirt. She fought dirty from the start, and aimed bites at his throat and face, getting blocked by his paws.

Nolan rolled himself on top, dropping the fox over her face.

She thrashed her muzzle, pushing the carcass off. The Omega attempted to launch another attack at the Alpha, but Nolan pushes a large paw over her chest, pinning her down and getting a look at her face. He was shocked.

Her face was all the confirmation he needed. Nolan's breath hitched as he gazed down at her eyes. The wolf was gorgeous, and he couldn't wait to get a look at her human form.

Before he could think to ask, she made a quick bite at him with a quick jerk, chest pushing up against his relaxed paw, her teeth catching the side of his neck. She pulled up fur and skin to create a quick gash.

Nolan roared in pain, shocked by the violence after his discovery. She rolled from under him, and he had become all too complacent now. She growled viciously at him and turned to leave. Bloodied and confused, he simply watched her sprint away. Stunned, each step she made ached as she doubled the distance.

His pack mates were already close, and quickly caught up to him in his slightly dazed state. It was Orin who noticed the gash in his neck, 'Nolan! You're wounded-'

Nolan growled angrily, startling the both of the wolves. "Keep moving. We must catch her. Don't hurt her, though,' Nolan paused to think if he should reveal the new information just yet. It would complicate this chase in too many ways. 'She's scared,' is what he left it at, thinking that was reason enough.

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The three wolves took off after that, chasing after the white she-wolf. His betas were off immediately while Nolan took pause to give his fresh wounds a moment to heal. In the end, Orin and Garett caught up to the foreign wolf first.

Nolan was fast approaching the trio when he heard the fight break out. This she-wolf was vicious, and the twin werewolves were understandably cautious. Nolan wasn't quick enough on the scene to prevent what he heard; Garett blindsiding the she-wolf as it attacked his brother, shoving her sideways into a dense tree, head-first. Nolan arrived to see the white she-wolf on the floor, the twin wolves pacing around her. Their heads popped up immediately to the presence of their Alpha.

"Let's get her back to the house," Nolan commanded. He stepped in between them to stand over his newly founded mate. She still had blood covering her muzzle and drops sprayed down the front of her chest. Her paws were a little dirty from the run. Otherwise, he thought her coat was beautiful. He pressed her nose to the underside over her jaw, feeling delicate flesh and hearing a loud heartbeat. Her scent was strong there, and comforting. Nolan resisted the urge to flick his tail with happiness.

"Alpha Nolan..?"

He had given himself up anyways, despite his precaution. He must have been acting too strangely.

"This is my mate."