1 Betrayal

Lucas looked down to see blood dripping down. He coughed blood in pain. A hand had been thrust through his chest and was twisting around. The hand was black, and had fur all over it. It did not look like that of a human at all.

Lucas writhed in pain, as he fell forward.

"Ha! How are you feeling now pretty boy? Are you feeling good? This is what happens when you go parading out with that haughty face.", a voice said.

Lucas fell on the ground. He turned around, rolling on the ground, to see who was the one who attacked him.

"Peter? You? You are my beta! My right hand. You were the person that I trusted the most! How could you be the person that kills me?", Lucas said with disbelief.

In front of Lucas, a man stood tall. In the dark sky above them, he stood like a menacing figure. Both his hands were pitch black in color, and they had fur all over them. But the rest of his body was the same as that of a human.

"You still don't understand, do you, Lucas. If I kill you, then I can become the Alpha myself. I can make my own pack. Your old pack will be killed, and I will finally rule this part of Brooklyn. Oh, how long I have fantasized about this.", Peter started laughing maniacally. Lucas looked around. They were in a remote place, and true to the atmosphere, it was raining.

"Who told you that?" Lucas wheezed

To Lucas' horrible luck, they just had to be at one of the very few cliff's in the entire Brooklyn area. Lucas smiled bitterly. Even if he had to run, there were enemies every where who wanted to kill him, just to take away his alpha position.

Sighing, Lucas closed his eyes.

"Giving up, Lucas? Well, I certainly did not expect that! You were always the type to be so full of determination, and never give up. I would have thought that you would die fighting. To think that you would understand your fate so soon.", Peter said, with a wicked expression on his face.

"I would have fought, Peter. But I am still hesitant. Why would you do something like this. You must have been forced. Who? I can help you. I have always treated you very well. Why would you betray me like that?", Lucas said, his voice going soft.

Peter gnashed his teeth. "Stop being so righteous. I don't need your sympathy at the death bed. I am so glad that the Marquess had talked me into this.", he said, but suddenly looked around covering his mouth. "Looks like I revealed too much in my emotional out burst. Well then, time to die, Lucas.", he started inching closer to Lucas.

"Peter. You forget the most important things. Even if I am half dead, I am still a werewolf. I am still an Alpha. Do you think that I would allow myself to die like that? I would rather kill myself than die making you an Alpha.", Lucas said spitting blood at Peter's feet. His eyes shone with blue light, as he roared with might. Peter covered his ears, as Lucas rolled over the cliff's edge.

"I will remember this, Peter. I will be coming back. This time, I won't be the benevolent leader you had seen till now. I will be the Bloodstained Lucas that I tried so hard to repress.", Lucas shouted as he fell over the ledge.

Peter rushed over to stop him, but he was inches late. Lucas fell down into the huge forest, and Peter looked down and couldn't stop him. "Do you really think that commiting suicide was an option, Lucas? I still killed you. I am still the Alpha.", Peter laughed. "All I needed was you to die. You just deprived me of the pleasure of killing you."

The rain was still falling, and Peter turned away to leave the site.

Ring, ring. A phone rang. Peter took out a phone from his pocket and answered it.

"Hello? Yes. Yeah, I killed him. Yes, Marquess. There will be no other problem with your plan. He died. I am the Alpha now. I can make my pack now. You will have your army very soon.", Peter's voice slowly echoed away as he left the cliff.

After a few minutes,

Crunch! A hand covered in glistening white fur gripped the edge of the cliff. It opened its fingers and dug deep into the dirt. Lucas crawled out of the cliff, and onto the open ground. He huffed and coughed out more blood.

"The Marquess huh. You came out, after these many years. Looks like I have to get serious.", Lucas' eyes glowed in blue, but that glow slowly changed, till it started burning in a fiery red.

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