The Alpha's PossessionThe Alpha's Possession

The Alpha's Possession

by SadButHappyPerson1

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Nyx. She was still unclaimed and still untouched. She has not yet found her mate which was shocking as she was approaching her 24th birthday in a couple of days. Her fate decided that it still wasn't the right time but is her fate telling the truth? One cold night she ran. Ran nowhere but somewhere. The woods was a dark place no one ever entered as tales told it was forbidden. She couldn't hold on any long and so abruptly fainted. Was in the middle of the woods all alone. Or so she thought. What happens next will unravel as you read on. ~~~~~~ This is my very first novel so if it may seem a bit off I'm sorry. If you happen to notice a mistake I've made it'd be greatly appreciated if you would give me constructive critism. Happy reading!

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