6 She needs a scare

Baby's POV

"You defended a girl from Alina's furry. She must be over the moon with rage now," Simon added.

"You didn't save that girl you placed her in danger," Benson rumbles

"Was it that serious? I just saved the new girl a little pain," Baby argues.

"I see where this is going and I don't like it," Justin informed.

"Stay away from her brother, if you want her to be safe then you will not get involved with her," John advised.

I wonder why I can't stop myself. Why can't I look away like I have always done?

Why does it hurt when I feel she is in danger? John is right, I need to stay away from her. As if it was that easy.

She probably reminds me of my mother and that part of me that wishes I was still human.


Alina is angry, throwing tantrums at her brothers.

"What is so special about her? Why is the alpha king protecting her?" she cries.

"She was the one at fault but the alpha was angry at me for bullying her, I didn't even touch her," she snaps.

"That's enough Alina let it go. The Alpha has his own reasons for doing that," Matthew had said.

"What could be the reason huh tell me?" she shrugs.

"Stop, you are not to question the alpha's decisions, don't ever forget that," Mark reminded.

"Fine I will stop but the next time she crosses my path I won't spare her. She won't be that lucky for the third time," she rumbles.

"Third time?" they all asked surprised but she walked away from them before they could even ask more questions.



"Hey Nancy wait up," a voice said as I turn to find Betty running in my direction.

"You were lucky back then. Do you know the Yang brothers anywhere?" she asked breathing heavily from running to meet up with me.

"The Yang brothers? No, I don't know them, is that what they are called?" I replied.

"That's strange?"

"Why is that?" I asked looking at her confused face as if she was trying to figure something out.

"Well, they never intervene for anyone, especially the youngest one who has an unparalleled sense of humor never," Betty informed.

"Is that so?" I asked surprised, well I must count myself lucky then.

"Yes, they are the most powerful families in this town aside from the Williams and the Collan's" Betty added.

"Really that's interesting," I mumbled.

Betty glared at me and hissed, "You found this fascinating? Goodness, you should be terrified, Nancy." I don't see why I should.

"You are in deep trouble. Let me tell you those families are not to be messed with," she said and that was the third time she repeated this I must be careful about those families then.

"Fine I get it, I will see you later. I need to pick up some books at the library," I informed her as we walked by the school library.

"Nancy, it seems you really don't know anything about this school. Listen no one visits the library on a Wednesday morning," Betty whispered as I stopped walking and turn to face her.

"Oh no, why is that, and why are you whispering?"

"The Yang family usually hates history class so they spend this period in the library. No one dares go to the library at this time,"

Betty murmured as she tried to pull me away from the entrance before someone even spotted us.

"Relax Betty, I need this book for history class. I will be quick. Don't wait for me I think I can find my way to class," I announced moving away from her, she didn't want to get into trouble and I didn't want to drag her into it.

"Oh no this girl won't last in this school," I heard her say behind me as she failed to stop me from entering the library.

I entered the library and went straight to the shelves that clearly had a signpost 'HISTORY' I got my history book but couldn't help but stop to pick up other books, among them were books about vampires and werewolves.


The Yang brothers spotted her. The brothers were surprised, "will she keep getting into trouble all day?" Simon was pissed. "I THINK SHE NEEDS A LITTLE SCARE," John suggested getting ready to scare her off.

"Leave her to me I will take care of her," Baby insisted.

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