1 Ban and Gramps

In an oval shape ground and muddy field, a 10 years old youth could be seen pulling a huge rock attached in his waist. He was pulling the rock barefooted, with black shorts and no shirt. The youth has a build that was neither bulky nor thin. He has an exquisite body frame and muscles, the type that can only be achieved in constant and correct rigorous training.

In the distance, an old man with white hair, long beard, dressed in simple pants and shirt with a noble aura surrounding him, was staring at the youth with a look full of expectation and care.

After a while, the youth finished a revolution and arrived at the front of the old man panting heavily before dropping to the ground.

"Hmmm, 10 kilometers within 30 minutes while pulling an 80-kilogram boulder, not bad, Ban you really lives up to my expectation." The old man said, his hands were clasped behind his back.

"Hehe, I already told you, gramps, I will become strong and take revenge for the humiliation those people gave you and our family that day." while still lying on the ground, the youth, named Ban clenched his hand and give the old man a reply that shocked the latter.

Ban was referring to the time when he was still 7 months old and they were being chased by their own family guards from their own mansion.

"Sigh, Ban, I'm training you, not because I wanted you to take revenge, but because I wanted you to become strong and independent so that you will be prepared when something unexpected happens. And also to defend yourself in these strong eat the weak world of ours" he was not surprised that Ban know's the incident that had transpired before. Because previously when Ban was still 5 years old, his tongue slips and accidentally recounted the events that had happened before, when he was drunk.

Since that day, after learning what had transpired, Ban has been eager to become strong and take revenge in the future. He pleaded his grandpa to train him and make him strong. His grandpa disagreed at first but after a considerable amount of pleading, and seeing the look of determination on his grandchild's face. His grandpa agreed at last.

He cares a lot for this grandchild of his and decided to train him with the excuse of training him for self-defense. But deep inside him, a light of happiness and great expectation could be seen.

And then, there started the training of Ban. It started with a simple jog, then push-ups, and many basic training methods that are bearable by the body of a 5 years old child. Day after day, his grandpa would increase the intensity of his training.

"Tsshh, okay gramps I understand" with a pout, Ban looks away from his grandpa's gaze.

Taken aback by what this child had done, he reached his hand towards his ear, pinch it, and raise it upwards "What tsshh?".

"Ouch!, Ouch!, gramps it hurts" Because of pain, Ban hastily got up and throw a hugged towards his grandpa and looked straight at his grandpa's face with tears forming in his puppy eyes, he knew quite well what his grandpa's weakness is.

"Y... you!" his grandpa let down his guard and had not expected this to happen at the last moment. He also knew quite well the attitude of this grandchild of his.

He knew quite well that this child was a scamming devil despite his cute appearance. But even so, he can't do anything about it because he really dotes on this grandchild of his, and accompanied by that pitiable look, he couldn't bear it anymore and hastily release Ban's ear that he was pinching.

The ear's color turned into rosy pink due to the force. Upon noticing that his ear was already freed, Ban gave a smirk before running off immediately.

"Gramps, I will go home first, hehe" after pulling a distance, Ban turn around and said with a playful expression.

"Tss, tss" his grandfather can only shake his head. He had really spoiled this brat a lot, he thought.

After a while, he also followed Ban and walk his way home leisurely. However, after taking his 4th step he suddenly felt that something was amiss, but it was already too late as his face was already planted on the ground. He looked back at his ankle just to see a rope tied on it tightly.

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It was the same rope that was used to tie the huge boulder on Ban's waist.

While at that time, Ban was also running leisurely towards their house. He was whistling in the air as his hands were put behind his head.

Ban was already nearing their wooden hut and he could already see its silhouette in the distance. However, not long after, Ban was startled and was forced to stop as he heard a loud roar from the place where he had just come from.


After hearing this, Ban felt his hair raise. He jolted and runs as fast as he could towards their wooden hut and decided to search for a place to hide.

"I think I overdid it this time," he said fearfully.

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