40 Throw out these two Shameless People!

Translator: CokeZero Editor: Rainystars

Then, he clicked open the surveillance video he asked for from the school and pushed the screen in front of everyone.

Then, he placed his hands behind his head and laughed mockingly.

The surveillance video showed a split-screen of two videos.

The first video showed Qiao Nian. Qin Yongmei's heart suspended in the air the moment she saw what was happening.

When she saw Qiao Nian hand a girl a stack of cash to ask her to spread around the news of Qiao Qing being dumped, Qin Yongmei felt dizzy and cold in her limps.

He Wanqing on the other hand, blew up, "Alright! So this is what you meant by Qiao Nian takes care of Qiao Qing?! She's so young yet her heart is so evil?! That's her older cousin she's dumping on!"

Qin Yongmei felt guilty and wanted to turn off the video, "This must've been a mistake. I don't believe Qiao Nian would do something like this. There must be another reason."

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