7 Jun Yexuan Wants to Investigate Qiao Qing?

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Jun Yexuan chuckled at this. "Feng Hen is not a moron who makes enemies with the tiger. I have had a few exchanges with him. He is some character. There is no way he was the one who accepted the request."

Just as he finished speaking, a man flipped inside from outside the window.

Mu Jinghang peeked at his watch and clicked his tongue, "Chi Yang, you were just buying some clothes. You took far too long."

The man named Chi Yang ignored Mu Jinghang and walked towards Jun Yexuan. With a thump, he kneeled.

"I couldn't protect you, young master. Please punish me."

Mu Jinghang was silent for a second and then looked over to Jun Yexuan's wound with a frown.

"Get up." Jun Yexuan's voice sounded lazy and there was a look of exhaustion in his eyes. It was obvious that he's never had much interest in punishing anyone.

Chi Yang straightened up and handed the document he had in hand to Jun Yexuan, "This was sent by the Jing Sect Leader. He said it counts as his apology. The person who accepted the request has been dealt with - which was done to provide you with closure."

Jun Yexuan didn't move and also did not express any opinion.

Mu Jingxuan took over the document and glanced it over. His eyes brightened. "I cannot believe that person possesses so much information on that old man. There is sufficient evidence for him to squat in jail long enough to make a hole through the ground! Aye, but…"

As he spoke, he looked over to Jun Yexuan, "You truly are great. You guessed correctly that it was his subordinates who overstepped and accepted the request. The old saying is right, the one who knows you the best is none other than your enemy."

Jun Yexuan glanced over the documents in Mu Jingxuan's hands and an eerie smile flashed by.

"It's his mistake for not controlling his own dog well enough. He thinks he can just send this and the whole thing would blow over?"

He looked over to Chi Yang, "Go bomb the new settlement he constructed in the east. Teach him a lesson he can't forget."

"Yes, sir," Chi Yang replied.

"Wait," Jun Yexuan called out.

Chi Yang paused his steps.

"Also look up the details regarding the girl who saved me. Look into what kind of relationship she has with Feng Hen."

Though he didn't retain much memory from last night, he hazily remembered the people who were trying to kill him catching up to him.

That girl was able to protect him when assassins from the Jing Sect were trying to kill him – she wasn't someone simple.

After Chi Yang left, Mu Jinghang stared at his wound and expressed the suspicion he had.

"I haven't seen you get injured for many years. Even Feng Hen himself was never able to hurt you, why would his subordinate be able to? Did your old sickness come back?"

Jun Yexuan closed his eyes and ignored him. It was the same as a silent confirmation.

Mu Jinghang felt a wave of retrospective fear. He closed his eyes and when he reopened them, his voice dropped by a few degrees, "Third brother, it is dangerous to use yourself as bait. You should stop doing that!"

Jun Yexuan stomped his foot towards Mu Jinghang. "You brat! You are telling me what to do now?"

Mu Jinghang didn't dodge and squarely took on this kick.

Suddenly remembering something, he continued, "The entire City of Brisk knows you are now 'dead'. The finances of the Jun family is now a hot mess. What do you plan on doing?"

Jun Yexuan smiled mysteriously. The demonic look in his eyes expanded outwards, "I have been waiting for this day. Let it be messy. When it gets messy enough, it'll be time to clean up the faction."

Mu Jinghang watched Jun Yexuan smile and his neck stiffened suddenly.

The last time he smiled like this, great calamity fell upon the Jun family.

This time, Jun Tianlin was to be blamed for not knowing his place.

"After I come out, I don't want to see you here."

Jun Yexuan ordered and then walked to the bathroom.

Mu Jinghang felt hurt, "Third brother, why are you acting like this? For you, I didn't shut my eyes all night!"

Jun Yexuan was obviously an animal without any conscience. "It's not the first day you've known me."

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