27 I Promise to Teach Her a Hard Lesson this Time!

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"That's why I called this a 'deal'." Liao Shanshan continued, "The capital university always grants one student from the City of Brisk a spot in their university. This person also does not have to go through the entrance examination process. I doubt you are just going to let this opportunity go?"

Qiao Nian's heart skipped a beat but continued to appear calm. "I do want the spot. I am going to work towards it myself."

"Oh, please!" Liao Shanshan said, "Your grades aren't bad, but it's not the most outstanding nor the most stable."

"Ye Fan from my class has always been number 1 in this school every single year. Even thunder cannot strike him out of that spot. Plus, he is a famous Go player from the City of Brisk."

"The school is going to choose the candidate that gets the free pass to the university. There is an 80% chance that he will be chosen."

"Even if Ye Fan doesn't get chosen. There's Qi Rui from class 8. Then there's Jiang Yi and Lin Xiyan from your class, all of whom are top students."

"How confident are you that you will get that spot?"

Qiao Nian was hit where it hurt. She wasn't happy about this but she couldn't deny that these were all facts, "What are you getting at?"

Liao Shanshan continued, "Your English teacher is my aunt and the director of the teaching and research department. You can fact check that."

"She has a lot of say on this matter. If you help me, I am going to get you her vote. What do you say?"

Qiao Nian's heart started to beat faster. After thinking about it for some time, she responded, "I can ask Luo Chen to do something, but whether he can handicap her arm or not isn't up to me."

Liao Shanshan smiled. "All I'm asking you to do is to ask Luo Chen to do this. As for all the other stuff, I will find a way."

Qiao Nian nodded. "I hope you can remember your promise."

Liao Shanshan replied, "Don't worry. I am not a good student and I cannot compete against you. My aunt loves me and she always listens to what I have to say."

Qiao Nian only smiled and nodded upon hearing this.

After the two parted, Qiao Nian returned to the hallway furthest from her classroom; she looked depressed.

Luo Chen had gone to the bathroom and on his way back, he saw Qiao Nian and her fatigued ways.

He couldn't help but ask, "Qiao Nian, what's wrong?"

Qiao Nian turned her head and looked shocked at the sight of him. She dabbed off her non-existent tears and turned around to leave, "Nothing."

Because of the way she was acting, it looked like she had been severely wronged and was trying to hide her sadness.

As expected, the next second, Luo Chen blocked her way, "What exactly happened?"

Qiao Nian bit her lips and hesitated, "Yesterday, Jiang Yi called off the engagement with Qiao Qing. But for some reason, this news traveled to the school and Qiao Qing is blaming me for circulating it around."

"One of my good friends, to protect me, lectured her a little bit, and Qiao Qing broke her wrist over it."

"I don't even dare to go home now. She must've told my grandpa all this, saying things like how I am purposely trying to damage the Qiao family name."

"It's always been like this growing up. No matter what mistakes she makes, I take her side. But before our grandpa, she twists the truth to get my grandpa to hate me."

As she told the story, she acted like she had been severely wronged and tears began to fall.

Luo Chen's nice-looking eyebrows furrowed, "Qiao Qing? She was dumped so wouldn't she be the one who's tarnishing the Qiao family name?"

Qian Nian then replied, "But she said I am the one who circulated the story."

"She took it too far!" Luo Chen responded, "She obviously sees that you are better than her at everything and is jealous. I will avenge you."

As he spoke, he headed to the classroom, but Qiao Nian grabbed onto his arm.

"Luo Chen, don't start anything in school. Though she doesn't treat me well, she's still my older cousin. Plus, the teacher already has a poor impression of you. If you fight on campus, you will be punished."

"You are just too nice. Even now, you are thinking on her behalf." Luo Chen loosened his tie in exasperation.

"Don't cry. I just won't do anything on campus. But don't you try to stop me. I promise that I am going to teach her a hard lesson and make sure she never takes advantage of you ever again!"

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