8 Breaking off the Engagement

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Mu Jinghang rolled his eyes and whistled. He then mocked, "Do you need me to help you bathe? Aren't things in-con-ve-ni-ent for your right now?"

He emphasized the last few words.

Jun Yexuan's eyes squinted at those words and his gaze turned sharp. "Get out!"

Mu Jinghang gulped and quickly hustled his way to the window.

Before leaving, he remembered to stretch out his neck and say, "Third brother, I know you are trying to get rid of me so you can confide in that young woman. Don't worry, I won't trouble you. But, it isn't easy for me to come out, so I refuse to go back. Wait for me to find another way to see you again!"

What responded to his statement was the loud and bright sound of a door slam.


He Wanqing was woken up by Liu Ping. The moment she opened her eyes, she saw Liu Ping standing by the foot of the bed with a worried face.

"Ma'am, Mr. Jiang's family is here. They are now in the living room and asking for you and Ms. Qing. It's in regards to the engagement."

Seventy percent of He Wanqing's sleepiness escaped at those words. "What about the engagement?"

Liu Ping's expression made it clear that it was something she finds difficult to speak about, "It seems like they want to break off the engagement."

"What?!" He Wanqing abruptly sat up, put on her shoes, and walked outside. When she reached the door, she turned her head back, "Don't tell Qiao Qing yet."

Liu Ping froze a bit, finding it difficult to believe that the woman who normally had absolutely no temper, had a fierce side like this. She nodded quickly, "Yes."

Liu Wanqing went downstairs and immediately greeted the three members of the Jiang Huai family, "Wow, what brings the in-laws here so early in the morning?"

Jiang Huai's wife, Feng Jing, had an embarrassed look on her face. But in the end, she mustered up the courage and said, "Words on the street is that Qiao Qing brought a man home last night?"

"What are you saying! Those who don't know would think they've done something shameful."

He Wanqing disallowed anyone from slandering her own daughter. She then explained light-heartedly, "Qiao Qing has a kind heart and found a wounded and unconscious person on the street. She saved him by bringing him here. Plus…"

He Wanqing paused and then continued, "This person has only been here for one night and nobody in this household has left the door. Where did you hear this from?"

Liu Ping's expression stiffened at the question and she lowered her head a little.

Chen Ming, who was standing on the side, noticed her reaction and frowned suspiciously.

Then, Jiang Huai said, "I don't care about your daughter's private life and I am not going to beat around the bush. Today, we are here to break off the engagement."

He Wanqing's expression turned cold and she said tauntingly, "It was you guys, the Jiang family, who pursued us and asked us for an arranged marriage while our kids were still infants. What is it? Now that Qiao Qing's father is no longer around, you want to turn against an old friend?!"

"He Wanqing, don't use Qiao Zibo as your shield. If Qiao Qing had one-tenth of her father's abilities, I wouldn't be here wanting to break the engagement off."

"Who in the entire City of Brisk isn't aware of how useless your daughter is? Her grades are all over the place and she has no knowledge of anything. We don't need to compare her to her father, even when she's compared to her younger cousin, it is clear that she's miles behind. "

"My son, Jiang Yi, is so outstanding but because of Qiao Qing, how much bullying did he have to endure? If you have any self-awareness, you would know to let go of my son. Don't be an obstacle standing in the way of his bright future! If you don't comply, the news of her hiding a strange and unknown man will circulate, then nobody would want her anymore!"

"Hey, Jiang Huai, watch the way you talk! Who are you calling useless?! What do you mean nobody would want her?!"

He Wanqing was furious. She rolled up her sleeves and her hand was about to salute Jiang Huai's face when Liu Ping stopped her. "Ma'am, don't be angry. Be careful, anger is bad for your health."

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