The Almighty Guild(Dropped) Book

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The Almighty Guild(Dropped)


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Amalgamate, a phenomenon that happened 200 years ago. What happened was 32 different universes merged together forming a colossal multiverse which now they call Arcadia, a universe where all kinds of intelligent beings live. Monsters, Demons, Angels, Gods, almost all fantasy beings that could be found in a fantasy book appeared in this universe! A lost soul has been reincarnated in this new universe, and his name was Destruction, yes, his parents named him that. His nickname was Des! and he have a middle finger! *ahem! a golden finger! And he will build the mightiest guild in the Arcadia Universe! -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Wassup, first time writing my own original novel for WSA, hope you like it. I dont own the cover and if you are the owner just message me.


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