The Allegory of Triberias: The Call of Destiny Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Allegory of Triberias: The Call of Destiny


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One day. Twenty four hours.Twelve hours of Light when no one shall stumble and twelve hours of darkness when all hell breaks lose - Literally. The temples are all abandoned and the priesthood left. Where to, nobody knows. Only the tales remain. The tales of legends and the great empty buildings that once upon a time were home to the greatest race to ever live. Now the sun rules by day and the great terrors by night and until the Great warriors rise again and take over their mandate, the earth and all that are in it are sure to be doomed. Havillah is just an ordinary girl in a world that everyone seems special. Not so gifted with only one Virtue, her only talent is her crazy knack for Hope Crystals and a caring personality that her mentors frown upon. Killion on the other end is an army captain, a young man tasked with the responsibility of keeping his town alive, but can he do so when his own life is seemingly in danger from the very terror that he is supposed to protect them from? When these two lives meet, their lives are never same again. Havillah is kicked out of Triberias and now she has to learn how to live a life without Virtue. The power that she grew with and has always known all her life. Despite all the betrayal, the intrigues and the dangers she has faced, will Havillah know love, and learn of the sacrifice, honour and what it truly means to be Called or to be Chosen? Will she know family again and will she regain the powers that were stripped of her in a moment jealousy? Or will she give in to her rage and the desire to be avenged of a city whose leaders banished her, but are now in need of her help to help it survive the Breaking and the imminent war that is looming over the horizon?


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