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long time ago men had discovered magic to survive this horrible world that is filled with beast and other kinds of dangerous beings, but there was one particulier mage that stood out he was known as the all-slayer. They say if it is one on one the all-slayer would definitely win. He was so dangerous that if somebody saw him they will run away in fear. The all-slayer's magic hasn't been seen sinds the beginning of magic and it has been known as a myth now. Some claim that the all-slayer was the devil that wanted to punish the mortals other people say it was just a scary story to scare children if they weren't listening to their parents. "The all-slayer will get to you if you are naugthy" the parents will say to their children, but everyone was wrong the all-slayer did exist and this story is about a new all-slayer that will be born.

Deep in the forest there is a house where a small family live in,but today is a special day since the small family will get a new member added to their lovely little family.

"Push love push you our child is nearly out!" A tall handsome man with crimson hair and purple eyes said out loud with a lot of excitement.

"aaaaah whaaaa I know it just hurt so much even if this is the third time I am given birth. Damn it Henry you just couldn't be satisfied after one child" a gorgeous woman said. The woman had beautiful long jet black hair and crimson colored eyes. The eyes of the woman was so unique that you can stare at them for ages. You can even say that the eyes had an hypnotic effect on people.

" I know I know jazz but is it not excited that we have another bundle of love we can take care of!"

"Damn it Henry you and your sweet talking but I am not going give birth a fourth time you hear me henry. Tree times hell is good enough for me" The woman starts to mumble about painful births and that men just don't understand it.

The young couple are known as Henry and Jasmine Laxon. Jasmine is given birth in a small room in their house. The room is decorated in lovely bright colors much to the wife's amusement while the husband sulked in despair when he first saw the room. The room has no window it only has a door that is victorian styled. The walls of the room are decorated with different creatures. The creatures weren't your regular animals ,no the creatures came with all kind of different shapes. There is a crab with a head of an eagle on it, a skeleton horse that looked kind of dark and deadly. On the sealing there is a huge dragon painted with a golden color it is gorgeous. There is also odd shapes of light flying around the room. The lights were also colored differently from each other. For example the lights are colored green,pink or orange. So you can say that this room is quite unique.

"Whaaahaa whaaa!" crying baby noises

The wife is holding a cute baby boy. The baby has crimson hair just like his father and he also has the bright red eyes his mother has. His face looked just like his mother's face.

"He is beautiful darling!" the husband claims with eyes shining from joy.

"Yeah he is but what should we call him? Since he is a boy how about... Syre yes! Syre Laxon I think that it is a wonderful name for our baby boy!"

"Syre laxon hmmm I think that is a wonderful name darling!"

Then the couple see the door from the room getting opened. They see two little gremlins running towards them. The gremlins looked about 5 or 6 years old and they weren't even gremlins they are in fact two human children. Both children had purple eyes just like their father but one child has black hair while the other has red hair. Both children were full of excitement they were clearly happy with the birth of the baby boy.

"Romeo and Leo are you here to see your little brother" The wife said with her tired voice after given birth.

" That is right mom I am going to be the most awesome big brother ever even better than Leo!" The one with the red hair exclaimed.

"Nhahaaa Romeo I am going to be better just you wait" Leo said with his black hair. Then the two boys are glaring at each other.

"That is enough boys you both are going to be awesome big brothers as Romeo had said" The father in the household exclaimed.

Then the family heard a giggle of joy and when they saw the baby boy smiling, they also started to smile with joy.

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