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What is The Agony of love

Read The Agony of love novel written by the author Purva_Narang on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering romance, action, reincarnation, r18, ceo. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


The male protagonist Aiden Knight is part of this very society who thinks that girls can read, but at last they are only meant to represent the home, not the society. Whereas the female protagonist Erica Wilson, being a part of the same society believes that the time is changing so should be society and there is nothing that girls can't do. The male protagonist is the main wheel in the young industrialist and is ready to contribute to the country's economic structure. On the other hand, the female protagonist is knitting the dream to be a part of uprising journalism, which is acceptable neither by her family nor in the society she lives in.  It's the journey of destiny & passion, the choice between love & obligation.  Let's join them and see how Erica follows the path of her dreams and how she crosses her path with Aiden. A complete opposite people with complete opposite thinking end up together. A long journey with interesting twists & turns. They will fall, stand & eventually run! With love your writer Purva Narang


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Nice interesting book you have with some suspense. I cherish the character designing and writing quality. Pleas e keep up the good work and publish more!


THANK U FOR UR BOOK just decided to read again and I can't stop reading again Interesting book Nice plot Catchy synopsis Excellent world development And good story designinging PUBLISH MORE


This is a great novel. I just finished reading it and I must say am astonished. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone of you readers who want to read something good.


The plot design is pretty mysterious with slow paced yet detailed romantic progress. The charecter designing is deaigned in such a way that curiosity is pricke up. In total u should read this if u are not into too much of lovey dovey..... LOL NICE ONE


Because ur story has high emotional rollercoaster rides. There are very positive characters and they are self efficient and motivated. We can read these chapters with smile on your face and positively in your heart.


Ohio, wow you girl are playing with fire this is one of the most critical consipts here in our society , the croosiction butwhen wo words wow


I feel realistic about the characters and the story is really good I am waiting for the next people should give it an read on this. Because I have read only few books but I am getting more interested in the pathway of the story


It's a good story from the get-go. While its current form needs a bit of polish, the substance is all there. The plot is intriguing and the characters are interesting with compelling motives. It's a good read.


Okay, this literally has kept me imprisoned. I love the way each character is developed so well and I can easily imagine the settings thanks to how the author vividly describes them. I'll be supporting this one, hehe.


I am already a fan of Naina. I think she is a Joan of Arc in the making. Will look forward to how her character progresses into a woman capable of making changes in the world


Reveal spoiler


Usually the initial chapters fails to hook up the readers altogether. But for me, the curiosity is increasing with every next update. Undoubtedly this book is going to set the bar high both for readers as well as writers over here. This new author definitely needed to be more hype and recognized. Marvellous writing skills. Keep it up. Waiting for the next update. Make me more proud girl!


Reveal spoiler


the interesting story got me hooked I feel realistic about the characters and the story is really good. Because I have read a few books but I am getting interested in the pathway of the story.good luck and fighting author.


Romance has always been my thing. I love the history of their love and passion and also how they were reincarnated to meet again. Keep it up author :D


This story is awesome with a unique plot. Thanks for sharing the story. I will definitely recommend your novel to others ☺☺.


i love the book honestly... Naina's character ❤❤❤❤It's my new fav u can say... Also the name "Suryansh " I really like it ❤❤Thank you for the awesome book😍😍😍best wishes


The book looks good, an interesting beginning that gets the reader to keep on going to find out more. But... there are quite a lot of grammar mistakes and sometimes it is difficult to understand. Nevertheless, it is still a nice book and is understandable to know what's going on in each scene.


It's an awesome book. Very interesting beginning. I think you'll definitely excel well writing this book. I'm intrigued to find out what will happen next. Waiting for your updates!


Okay so here we go, the book at the very chapter gave a chilly mysterious vibe, the sentences are short but very intense just the way I like it, though there are some voids to be filled the writing is pretty good. As a reader, this book evokes my curiosity to read more and know more about the story. And also as an India, I am slightly biased to this book.(Don't mind me) Anyway, the world-background is pretty good too, I don like giving too many spoilers but this one is a good read for sure. So Auother sama fighing!


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