1 25th Birthday

Evrin is a tropical place where supernatural beings existed, but the most predominant were werewolves and lycans. Thus, there were two kingdoms created - Solange and Leika.

The Solange Kingdom occupied the eastern part of Evrin. It was composed of werewolves and led by King Serdan. On the other hand, the Leika Kingdom occupied the western region composed of lycans and led by King Greco. For hundreds of years, the two had been fighting with each other.

Greedy and heartless, King Greco wanted Leika, the only kingdom in Evrin. But King Serdan would not allow it, despite Solange being the smallest among the two.

One of the ways that helped Solange not be defeated and captured by King Greco was that King Serdan built a group of assassins called Agents. They were composed of male hybrids found and taken in to live and trained with the werewolves. Instead of turning them into slaves, the king ordered his beta, the general, to teach them to fight lycans at an early age.

Agents needed to be merciless and must always obey the king's orders. They go to battle side by side with King Serdan's army. But their primary job was to hunt and kill lycans spy.

The twenty-fifth birthday is the best day of an Agent's life. They always looked forward to it. It is because it is when they would gain their freedom. Not only that, they also get rewarded with money, women, choose a role in the army, and settle on their desired place. It was an Agent's motivation to survive every battle or mission.

Agent 7, also named Rickon Winters, was only four when he got captured. He was half a werewolf and half a witch. His mother died, so he got forced to wander on the street to look for food. But he ended up becoming the seventh Agent.

Today, Rickon woke up with a smile. It was finally his twenty-fifth birthday. He had been counting for this day to come since he was four. And now that it did, he can't contain his happiness.

He took a shower and then wore the best armor suit he had. He would be meeting the king, so; he must look presentable. Evo, the wolf inside him, awakened when Rickon looked into the mirror to comb his hair.

"Happy birthday, Evo! Ready for the big day?" Rickon asked with a smile.

"No! Are you sure that you have thought it through? Do you really want to go there?" Evo asked, annoyed.

"Yes. I had been waiting for this all my life. I want to leave in peace, Evo. I don't want to act like a slave forever. I don't want to see dead bodies anymore."

"But... you might never hear or see me again." Evo sadly said and whimpered.

"I know, my boy. I am sad, too. I will miss you. But I am honored and grateful to have you and to fight side by side with you."

"I am deeply hurt and sad. But it has been an honor to have you as my human."

Rickon smiled and took a last look at the mirror. Then he went out to see meet the king at the palace.

The guard opened the door, and Rickon walked straight towards the throne, where the king was seated.

"Agent 7, the bravest among all of the agents!" King Serdan greeted the tall man with an athletic body and dark blonde hair.

"Good morning, my king!" Agent 7 said while kneeling and bowing his head.

"Oh, stop with all the formalities. Rise and let me hear what you wanted for your twenty-fifth birthday."

Agent 7 smiled and stood to face the king. He politely said, "My king, I have been fighting for you for seven years. I won every battle I fought and killed every lycan spy I was assigned to hunt down. Now, I wish to gain my freedom."

"Of course! As stated in the law, an Agent who reached the age of twenty-five would gain his freedom if he did not die fighting alongside my army and killed fifteen lycan spies. But what I wanted to know was what else do you want aside from the freedom and money?"

"Aside from those two, I wanted to go and ultimately leave Evrin."

King Serdan's smile disappeared. He gave Agent 7 a questioning look before asking, "If you wanted to leave Evrin, where would you go?"

Agent 7 was silent for a second and replied, "I have seen the powers of the witches here. I know they can take me to the place I want to go."

"But where exactly is that?"

"I wanted to be transported into the human world."

King Serdan's eyes widened, and he asked, "Agent 7, have you lost your mind? How would you live there when you don't even know how humans live? And why there of all the places?"

"I wanted to experience being ordinary like them. Humans don't have superpower abilities, yet they survive and are happy. Their world is not as bloody and lonely as here."

King Serdan grew more curious and asked more questions, "How did you get all the information about humans when you had not even met one or went to their world?"

"I always here, Zeke telling the kids about them. He is one of the powerful warlocks here, so I don't think he is lying."

"Come on, Agent 7! Those are like bedtime stories. You could not just believe them as true."

"Still, I wanted to try and see how they are."

"Why not consider being part of the army here?"

"My King, you are wise and fair. It was an honor to fight for you, but I wanted to live my freedom peacefully. I don't want to keep fighting for my life all the time."

King Serdan saw how firm Agent 7 was with his decision, and there was nothing he could do or say that would change that.

"Alright then. I shall talk to the witches to arrange it for you. Although, I was saddened to hear that because it was not what I expected. But if that is what you have chosen as a reward together with your freedom, then I would honor it. You will receive fifty bags of gold coins delivered to your quarters today. As for your other request, I would also include a letter to inform you what the witches and warlocks would say."

"Thank you, King Serdan!"

Rickon bowed his head, bid goodbye, and went back to his quarters. He has nothing to do today. He no longer has any responsibilities anymore. In short, he was free.

He changed to something comfortable. He looked at his warrior suit and he smiled. He would surely miss wearing it. And then, Rickon lay on the bed thinking about what he would do on his first day in the human world.

While on King Serdan's quarters, the king and Zeke discussed something privately.

"You are right, Zeke! Rickon asked to be transported to the human world," King Serdan said.

"Then, it's time, my king. We also need to transport the newborn princess there. We have been hiding her for two weeks, and soon the lycans would discover her birth," Zeke replied.

"But are you sure that my daughter would be safe there?"

"Agent 7 is our last hope to keep her protected. That is our only chance."

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