The Agent's Love For The Princess Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Agent's Love For The Princess


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Excerpt: As she was approaching her seat, I could smell her. She smells so good I could not describe it. It's like the smell you got when the wind blew in the forest. It was addicting. "Hi, I'm Brexon," I whispered when Reagan was finally seated. "And so? I don't care," Reagan said. Whoa! What's with this new girl? "What!?" Reagan added. "We just met, and you already hate me?" I replied. "Why do I have to like you?" Reagan said and rolled her eyes. What the fuck! I like this new girl. It will be fun to play with her. I grinned, thinking of what I could do with her. 'I could hear what you are thinking, asshole!' 'What!? Not only are you beautiful and hot, but you can read minds, too. Geez, you are really something. But is this for real? You can read my minds?' Reagan did not answer, but I am sure that even she wondered why we could talk to each other through our minds. But I don't care if she practices voodoo or black magic. I just wanted to have her. I wanted to tame her. And one thing about being a Riverwoods is that we don't give up not until we get what we want.


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