The Adventures of Treasure Hunters - 1 season
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The Adventures of Treasure Hunters - 1 season


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What is The Adventures of Treasure Hunters - 1 season

The Adventures of Treasure Hunters - 1 season is a popular web novel written by the author Gourmet_DAO, covering ADVENTURES, GOLD, SILVER, TREASURES, COINS, SEARCH MAGNETS, METAL DETECTORS, IRON, COPPER, OLD MAPS, History genres. It's viewed by 108.6K readers with an average rating of 4.53/5 and 20 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 120 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


COMPLETED A small story about adventurers, local history enthusiasts, treasure hunters. They wander around cities, forests, mountains, steppes and deserts, seek metal artifacts and search magnets for historical artifacts and sell some of them at auctions, donate some to museums and keep some in their home collections. They work in archives and funds, second-hand bookkeepers do not forget, they look for old books, road workers and topographic maps of the 17-20 centuries. There is the only main character Fang and his partner Dara. --- English is the same as in other novels. While it is far from good. The approximate number of chapters is from 60 to 100. Updates 3 chapters per week. The number of words is from 600 to more 1200. COMPLETED -------------------------------------------------- This is a work of art. Any resemblance to real people or real events is purely coincidental.

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OH M G!!!!!!!! I freaking love it! The story is quite interesting and I love it....I love it all that you author for making this beautiful novel! This is the success of being Author!❤️


I love it! I love it! The explanatory part was enough to make me add it in the library. Maybe, the author should become a historian. 👍👍👍 Keep up the good work!! 😎🥰😊


This is just awesome! Really wish I found such a good book before it was completed so I can shamelessly ask for more chapters😂... It's a lovely book guys....a must recommend for your library💜😊


This novel is about exploring, finding treasures, and human interaction. The most important thing in a novel is to be interesting, everything else can be fixed. This one is interesting and informative inside the genre. If you like exploring and treasures, you will have fun. That aside, there's a lot of room for improvement, especially regarding style and grammar.


My review is only concerning the 1st chapter. The premise is good, you know your stuff. I wouldn't be able to point incoherences as i know nothing about the things you wrote. I will read a bit more tomorrow to sed how it turns out. I would maybe advice you to be careful with info dumps as it could bore some readers. I have the same issue and i think it is necessary to find a balance. Indeee, your main problem is grammar. You did your best, i can see it, but some sentences have serious problems. I could show you some examples on discord if you wish. Most grammar mistakes aren't an issue, but some sentences' syntax affect the undersdanting and the flow. The free version of Grammarly is enough to fix many of your mistakes and wrong word usage. An astuce i use to avoid some mistakes: Writing my sentences with quotation marks on Google. If there is no answer, there is probably a mistake somewhere.


Crafted with precision. To be precise is super hard and this novel is in the context of precise. Lots of intense study pounded into one. Information by information laid bare before your eyes as you flip through the pages. A hidden gem I may say, with a twist of romance. The desire to get wealthy had turned Dara into a history maniac; which is good because he gathers lots of knowledge from his passion and most people don't or have not achieve that knowledge yet. As he ventures into long forgotten history to search for treasures to be rich and readers get to follow him in his adventures while gathers information for the hungry mind. *This reminds me of the movies, The Jones and The Mummy. If you like the movies that I mentioned then, this is another novel in a different versions and different setting. It's interesting!


Nice story with interisting plot. The english is excellent too. Easy to read. Keep up the good work. Waiting for more updates in the future. Good luck.


Instead of your regular treasures coming to you, you are in the quest of searching for the treasure. No supernatural powers or anything but fun and adventurous tale of a person in hopes of finding the treasure.


I don't really know what to write. Sorry. Everything confuses me. Maybe this genre is just not for me. The story flow was good but it seemed rushed. Or is it because there's a lot of data that need to be presented for the readers to actually be immersed in the treasure hunt. Still, a good book of treasure hunting and history.


The story is well written, the characters have depth, I am liking the plot so far (I've reached chapter 10), the fact that the story has somewhat realism is pleasing and original to my point of view.


Overall, great story - I have to say the idea is unique, in and of itself a few lads going out in search of treasure is on of the most classic plot ideas - but I've noticed a surprising lack of such fictions on webnovel. There is a lot of good detail in there about the character motivations, goals and what makes them who they are. The characters are believable and the whole seeing is believable, actually. My only complains are a few grammatical issues (nothing major) and the overuse of commas - that said the story (while pretty short at the moment) is good, don't be discouraged because it's not getting as much attention as your everyday isekai power-fantasy because these kinds of stories usually have a "longer fuse" :)


This is my first time reading such a story on Webnovel in all honesty. The story sets out the boys going on an adventure for treasure, which is interesting I must say. So far, the author had written it well, and seven chapter is not enough to give the entire outline. Although such type of stories are amusing to read, I must say that they are quite difficult to plot. I'm waiting to see the direction the author will be taking with this. Hopefully, the adventures and challenges they face will be interesting in the near future. About the grammar, there were couple of issues. Between the letter and the punctuation, there are spacings at places. Grammatical errors were present as well. Although it did not effect me much, some readers might feel obstructed. Anyway, good job, and I would recommend increasing the update rate. Overall score: Writing Quality: 3 Update: 4 Story development: 4 Character Design: 4 World Background: 5


Great plot, great flow of the story and the characters. But I saw some grammatical errors that you have to change. Every chapter is impressive, you have to improve more and more for the readers^^/. -luciel_707-


I was thrilled when I read the synopsis since it's a refreshing plot about adventurers of our world. When I read the chapters, I was impressed with pacing, but there were some grammatical errors need to be corrected. There were some okay or tolerable errors, but there were errors that made the sentence construction mean differently from the intended message. I have to reread it to understand completely the intended message. But overall, it was a refreshing story!


The premise is quite interesting, but maybe you shouldn't add too many comas in sentence and try to merge them instead. But except some grammatical error here and there, there wasn't anything bad in this novel. Looking to see when the Author became better at English, it would definitely a good novel to read.


This is a spin-off of the story of the Magic Farmer Dara. Acts are developing in modern times. Adventures of treasure hunters. Dove Bro Fang from Sichuan and Dara from Small Ahn travel across deserts, plains, steppes, mountains, villages and cities. They look for coins, treasures, have fun, sometimes they manage to find historical artifacts from the times of the Silk Road era and lost cities. --- The story is fiction, all coincidences are random. --- English is still the same. There are probably grammatical and syntactic errors. The text is difficult to read. But the content is interesting, sometimes useful. --- Update from 3 chapters per week, sometimes there are bonus chapters. The approximate number of chapters is from 60 to 100. The chapter is from 750 to 1400 words.


It is very difficult to read this story. The grammar does need some work. However, as an archaeology student in college, this story's premise really does interest me. Finding lost cities is definitely high on the bucket-lists of most archaeologists. Though this is maybe a little closer to grave robbing than archaeology, it is still very interesting to me.


Honest Review This one... is hard to read. Need more chapters to give it a fair review, but with only 5 out at the moment, I'll do what I can. The Good: I like the historical references and the lack of any systems or cheats usually found in novels. The Bad: I'm going to assume English isn't the author's first language, and it really shows. The plot seems like it will be very interesting, but those walls of text were hard to plow through and I still can't quite figure out what the character's purpose is. The Neutral: Needs a few more chapters to be able to judge fairly, but also needs someone to proofread it badly...


Kudos to the author for his new work. The premise of the story is interesting and it makes for a good read. I would recommend this work to my fellow readers. All the best for your future endeavours, Author!


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