288 [Volume 5] God's Realm

God's Realm.

This realm was the highest realm a cultivator could reach, as this was just below the Rou Celestial Realm. Here, it was said to be the haven of all the cultivators.

This world was large enough to accomodate twice of the Starlight realm. Besides this, the qi here was denser compared to the previous worlds and one had a greater chance to make a breakthrough. Not to mention that, the dao runes here were also stronger, a variable that could help a cultivator become stronger.

And to top it all, this place was home for the strongest existences below the Zenith Gods, the True Gods of the godhood path, and Progenitors of the imperial path.

In a vast wild plain filled with white-colored grasses. A large golden gate opened up in the middle. Next, a youth with a black long hair appeared out of it.


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