1 Introduction

Once Upon A Time in the year, 2024 is a boy named Leo Pablo. Leo is the only son of the President of Pablo Enterprises. Leo's most dominant manner is that he doesn't like to stand out so no one in his school knows that he is the son of one of the wealthiest families. Leo is very intelligent, athletic, a very good gamer and strategizer.

Leo's life was very normal. He was walking with his childhood friend Amelia Smith. Amelia has liked Leo for a very long time but Leo hasn't noticed this. Leo only thinks that Amelia is kind to him because he and Amelia have known each other for a long time and that Amelia is very kind,

Leo was waiting for Amelia in front of her house to walk with her to school. Amelia looked at her window while eating breakfast as fast as she can. Amelia was very happy to see Leo waiting for her. Amelia quickly ate her sandwich and brought one of them with her to give Leo. After she ate her breakfast she quickly ran out of her house.

"Hey, Amelia! Good Morning!" said Leo

"Hey Good Morning! Have you eaten breakfast yet?" replied Amelia

"No, not yet why? asked Leo

"You should always eat breakfast!" Amelia argued "Here" Amelia gave Leo the sandwich she brought along with her because she already knew that Leo doesn't eat anything for breakfast. Amelia knows that Leo doesn't eat breakfast and only drinks coffee in the morning because he always hurries to her house in the morning and this is also why she makes Leo's Lunch and Dinner they are neighbors after all. Leo's and Amelia's parents are great friends and are pretty busy with their work. Both of their parents have their own companies who are allies in business so both Leo and Amelia are always alone in their houses.

"Thanks, Amelia! This is very tasty. Your cooking is very good, you would be a great wife you know." said Leo while eating the sandwich. Hearing this and seeing Leo eating happily Amelia blushed and was very happy.

After Leo finished eating they both walked to their school. While walking the ground suddenly glowed bright red and a circle with strange writings in it appeared some would call it a Magic Circle. Leo hugged Amelia because he sensed that something bad might happen. "What's happening?" asked Ameli. "I don't kno....."

before Leo got to finish what he's saying he fell unconscious.

"Whe-Whe-Where are we?" Amelia asked very surprised.

"I don't know either sleepy head. I woke up earlier than you and gathered some information from what I gathered it seems that we are in a forest. I had also walked around and saw a village which seems to be from medieval times. I also heard and saw some weird things the townspeople chants some weird things and something immediately appeared like water and fire. So I think we have been transported to a place in medieval times with magic." Leo replied

"Whaaaaat!" said Amelia and then asked "Magic? How is that even possible."

"I also don't know but I know that we need to get back," said Leo

"Before we can do that we need to be able to survive first" Leo added.

"Yeah but you have already got food. Actually how long was I unconscious?" asked Amelia

"You have been asleep for about 5 hours." Replied Leo

"Ohh why didn't you wake me up?" Amelia said annoyingly

"You were so cute and very comfortable so I didn't wake you up. Were you not able to sleep yesterday?" said Leo while smiling

Amelia blushed and suddenly remembered that she has her phone with her. Amelia got her phone out and asked Leo "Hey Leo have you already tried your phone?"

"Of course I have and it doesn't work but I found something weird about it the charging port has something like the one that appeared," Leo replied

"Sleepy Head how about you eat first you must be hungry," said Leo while cooking fishes he caught in the river near the forest where he woke up.

"I'm not really hungry," replied Amelia

"You should eat so that you have energy," said Leo

"Ok fine," said Amelia

While Amelia was eating Leo was clearly looked like he was thinking very hard about what he will be doing.

"What are you thinking about?" asked Amelia while she was eating

"Just think about what we should do after you finish eating" replied Leo. "So what should we do?" asked Amelia

"I think we should either go to the small village I saw earlier or should we just adventure around the forest," said Leo

"I think that we should go to the village you saw maybe ask some questions about where we are," said Amelia

"Then that's what we're going to do," said Leo and then asked, "Are you finish eating Amelia?"

"Ohh yes I'm finished and I'm also ready to go," said Amelia

"Then Let's Go!" said Leo

After Amelia finished eating they got ready to go. While they were walking Amelia asked Leo "When did you learn how to fish and make a fire?" Amelia curiously asked

"I read it in a book. It's actually easy you just need patience for both," said Leo who's very focused on where they're going and didn't realized Amelia was very surprised and admired him more.

After walking for about 10 minutes they got to the small village Leo was talking about. They arrived in front of the village's entrance. The village's entrance has a board with strange writing on it. It reads "Dular" both of them were extremely surprised that they were able to read it.

"Umm Leo how am I able to read this?" asked Amelia surprised

"I don't know but I think the person who brought us here gave us the ability to read this language using magic." Leo figured

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