1 Entangled Beginning

The world is filled with demons. Demons are said to be powerful and scary. Many attacks have been reported but there's nothing much that people can do. Demons have increased their numbers in the past years. They became much powerful as long as they devour humans. Demons have delivered despair and fear to humankind.

Granger, a young man, had started his adventure to eliminate demons. His hatred on demons is unmeasurable. He had a deep rage on them because they bring much suffering on his family. Many of his bright dreams burnt into ashes because of several attacks on his family. At a young age, he shown some interest on violin while showing no emotions. He chooses both guns and violin as his weapons for several reasons. Guns is his main weapon on killing demons, since he doesn't think twice on killing the ones who killed his family while violin on the other hand, is a thing in which he had an interest since he was an orphan. Many missions has been given to him by the Empire, yet one of his newest mission is to find a mansion deep into the middle of a wide forest in the far east. He was given a task to help a person who contacted the empire requesting for help to exterminate demons who was near the mansion.

After the task was given to him, he immediately packed his things, getting ready for his adventure. Carrying his guns, several bullets and also his violin, Granger left the empire to start his adventure. While on his way, he had encountered several attacks on some villages. Demons have launched an attack to several villages, devouring villagers who doesn't even have any chance on fighting demons. Granger, seeing the villagers despair and pain, just ignores them and continues to walk. He did it since he doesn't even given orders to help anyone except for the ones who are connected to the mission that is given to him.

In order to keep away the demons from interfering him on his way, Granger plays a sad music on his violin to keep any demons near him. Demons hated and feared the sad melody coming from the violin of Granger because the only thing that they will face when they interfere in him is death.

While walking, Granger heard a scream that is different than any scream of other persons. He heard a loud scream of a girl. The scream is somewhat similar to the scream of his younger sister when they were attacked by the demons. Even that his mind doesn't want to run onto the direction where the scream is coming from, his whole body rapidly went to the direction of the scream.

Then he saw a strange looking girl with a strange outfit, being approached by demons that are really hungry and ready to eat her. Granger then remembers his painful past due to the similarities of the looks of her younger sister to the girl in front of him. He also remembers her suffering in front of the demons. Granger immediately picked up his gun and shoots the demons. The demons were killed immediately and their corpses has fell and scattered on the ground. Granger feels like his memories from his past is haunting him. Then he feels like he had done the thing that he was unable to do when he was still young. He also feels like his body just did it unintentionally. Like his body moves on his own. He also realized that he wasn't freely enough from his dark past. That his dark memories still stays alongside him. Then he approached the little girl and comforts her.

He then asked the girl about it's name. The girl replied "Angela". Immediately after he asked her name, Angela asked him if she could join him on his way. Granger was then surprised about the question but he also realized that she wasn't safe alone so he decided to let her to join him. Still, Granger feels really strange about her. Then they started to walk again, having no idea on the path in front of them.

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