1 Chapter 1 - Jeff and Max

Jeff and Max are brothers, 4 years apart. Jeff is 8 years old and Max is 12 years old. They are both much more intelligent than people their average age and spend their days playing video games and selling their products.

Jeff stands at 4' 4'', with the looks of an average boy, with black hair and black eyes. He had a flat nose, but no one dared to bully Jeff and people often treated him like the king. Jeff was also very kind to his classmates, giving them toys and items they want the most.

Max stands at 5' 1'', with similar looks to Jeff. He has a shorter height than his classmates but was also treated like a king due to his wealthy family. He has given a lot of electronics to his classmates and treated all his classmates nicely.

The brothers have 3 dogs: Ivan, Ivan JR., and Poppy. All 3 of them are Golden Retrievers. Ivan and Poppy are male-female twins at birth. While giving birth, Poppy's 8 puppies all died, except for one. The survivor was a lot like Ivan at birth, whence came the name "Ivan JR." However, as the puppy grew up, she turned to be a female and her parents were already used to calling her Ivan JR.

They have lots of awesome inventions, such as worldwide WiFi, where the entire world could connect to their WiFi. They have sold millions of their products, and they made billions of dollars. They were even able to make their dogs speak to them. During this time, Jeff and Max were playing video games down in the basement, while Ivan and Ivan JR. were trying new stunts in the stunt room. Poppy was relaxing in her own spa room, asleep.

Outside on their street were billboards of the EKF, the prime suspects for most kidnappings. The EKF stands for Elite Kidnapping Force. Although lots of EKF members were captured, the EKF outnumbered the police by a lot. 90% of EKF members are out of prison within 24 hours of capture, and only 9% of escaped members were recaptured.

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