9 Double Attributes

Yumiro took 2 minutes to completely eliminate the red boar's presence within the VR world. The thick mist then began to fade away as Grim and Roshy completed the given quest.

"No way! It can't be! How did he defeat the monster in an instant?!" Roshy hastily stated as she dashed to Grim's location, believing that man was cheating in the game.

So she slashed all the tall bushes around here that could slow her down.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Roshy's eyes were dazzled by the strong brightness emitted by Grim's body when she came to a halt.

"Is he waking up his zexel?" She murmured after witnessing Grim's ability to unlock his one-of-a-kind passive skill in such a short period of time.

She put her hands over her brow so she could still look at Grim. Then another 5 minutes passed before the light went out.

Roshy drew closer to him at that moment. "G-Grim! Did you rouse your zexel?" She exclaimed in a loud voice.

Yumiro nodded at her without a second thought. "Yes, the screen appeared in front of me, and I see there is no issue." He responded coldly, pointing his index finger at the blue elevated view screen.

"So, what did you get? Please inform me!" Roshy yelled, curious about the type of passive he received from the system.

While reading the result on the screen, he kneaded his chin slowly. "As indicated here, my zexel is referred to as double attributes." Yumiro stated coldly that, while he had no intention of telling anyone about this, he had no idea what the true meaning of his zexel was. Furthermore, he anticipates that the zexel he will receive will be magical powers or something related to the magical elements.

She nearly passed out when she found out what kind of zexel Grim Draigh had received. "There's no doubt about it, this man has the ability to reach the Heaven's Dream Continent." Roshy uttered to her mind while observing the young, who appeared to be unaware of the power he possessed.

"Grim, could you please tell me who you are? Also, tell me where you actually lived!" Roshy exclaimed, "Please give me your personal information!" because she was suddenly interested in being a part of his expedition.

"Grim was already a level 11 adventurer; based on his current power, it appears he could win a duel match against level 20 adventurers." She came to a conclusion, then wondered why the system had given him so much power that he could easily outperform another adventurer in an instant.

"No way, you'll ever get my address. I'm not the type of guy who is easily swayed by a woman like you, whom I only met in the game." Yumiro spoke in a hushed tone.

"Please...! Just your name and address!" Even though she was embarrassed, she was determined to learn more about this man's personal identity.

"Roshy, I'm afraid I'm not up to the task you've set for me. In addition, I'm not prepared for such things." He spun around, preparing to leave this place.

"What?! You're quickly jumping to conclusions, so I'm requesting your address so we can discuss your Zexel!" She screamed and crossed her arms to cover her body.

"M... My Zexel? It's nothing out of the ordinary..." He couldn't finish his sentence because he realized what kind of unique passive skills he possessed.

Roshy breathed a sigh of relief. "You must figure it out. Yes, you had unlimited power! Please allow me to view your character status." She gently pushed him and forcefully clicked Yumiro's function screen.


Name: Grim Draigh    Lvl. 11 (23/260)

Race: Human       

Class: Unknown

Health Power: 300/300

Mental Strength: 120/120

Mana: 92/92

Fatigue: 110/110

Zexel 1: Double all att

Zexel 2:?



Physical strength: [+] 25 (50)

Agility: [+] 16 (32)

Vitality: [+] 16 (32)

Dexterity: [+] 18 (36)

Intelligence: [+] 23 (46)

Remaining free attribute(s): +7


Skill(s): [Dash], [Dual spinning kick], [ X kick]

Remaining skill(s) point: 1


Remaining Gold: 200


"What?! Two Zexel?! Grim, are you cheating?" She yelled, shaking Grim's body.

In the real world, if one of the players is caught cheating, the company will sue them. Furthermore, the cheating player will be imprisoned for three years, and the total fine for this case will be one million dollars.

Roshy knew that cheating in this game was impossible because it was managed by a large corporation that hired all of the well-known hackers to protect the game. They were far more qualified for this position because they understood the mindset of the other hackers.

"There's no reason for me to do that; this game is a gift from my younger sister." He then frowned her brows as he heard Amiya yell angrily for his name.

"So, how come? Please tell me!"

"I'm not sure either. Oh, I've got to get going; my sister is already calling." Roshy tugged on Yumiro's shirt as he attempted to log off.

When she looked at him, he noticed she was nervous. "What exactly is your issue? Because we are both Lvl.10, our party has been disbanded." He said.

She nodded slightly. "Yo... You're correct, but before you leave, at the very least... Would you mind if I added you as a friend in the virtual reality world? As a result, we remained in contact."

"If this is the quickest way out of here, why not?" He responded by stomping his right foot.

"Wait! Wait! Wait! I'll email you an invitation." She quickly responded while scrolling through her screen.

[Would you be willing to accept Roshy as a friend?]

      [Accept]       [Refuse]

He accepted the request without hesitation, and another tab flashed before his eyes.

[Friend(s) 1/100]

[°Roshy- Online]

"It appears that you are already my friend. So I'll leave, and thank you for entrusting me with some assistance! Goodbye, log out!" He quickly vanished after spitting those words, as his sister called him.

"He was perfect for the Heaven's Dream, and I need him to grant my wishes. I'm hoping he'll be ready when the time comes." She sighed and appeared to log out as she noticed the time in the real world had already passed 7:10 AM.


As Yumiro logged out, he was reminded of a shampoo brought by the young woman standing next to the fan.

He removed his weightless black helmet and rubbed his sleepy eyes before looking at the woman in front of him.

"G-Good morning, Amiya, why are you waking me up at this hour?" He then noticed her sister, who was dressed in a black and white uniform. "Are you, like, leaving already?" In Amiya's furious eyes, he was slightly terrified.

"Brother! You forgot to take your maintenance medication for ten minutes. I'm glad to see you're happy for something, but don't forget that you're here on business!" She yelled, then furrowed her brows.

Even though she was furious, Amiya gave him the two capsules and a glass of water. "I'm sorry, Amiya; I won't let this happen again." He took the two medications at the same time, then drank some water. To couldn't puke it up because he didn't like the taste of his medicine.

"Hmp! Try to set an alarm the next time you play so you don't forget."

"Yes, Amiya! I definitely will"

"I'm leaving so I won't be late, and I've already prepared your breakfast." Despite her angry expression, she was relieved to see his brother smile again after 4 years.

"Thank you very much; I'm glad you're my sister."

She exited the cramped space while her face flushed.


Yumiro was once again alone inside the silent room. "I know this is the reality I can't get away from." He sighed and began to hop on his wheelchair to complete his daily tasks before returning to the VR world.

He had limited movements, so he took three before completing all of his preparations. He rubbed his wet hair with a white towel.

"True, it's difficult for me if Amiya isn't here. But, because she is still a child, I don't want to burden her with all of the responsibilities. She also had her own life; she had to pursue her dreams without thinking about me." While looking in the mirror at his thin body, skinny arms, and lifeless whiskey eyes, he spoke to himself.

[Time: 10:23 AM]

"I'm ready to play, but first I'll set an alarm for 4:30 PM so Amiya doesn't get upset." He chuckled as he set the alarm on the VR helmet.

"All right, let's go!"

He activated the helmet as he was too excited to play again.

[Great! The beginner preparation is already completed. You will be teleported at the Adventure Capital.]

[The true adventure is about to start, good luck!]


He suffered from a mild headache as a result of the teleportation, but he endured it.

After a few seconds, he realized he was surrounded by a swarm of players ranging in level from 10 to 50, some of whom were decked out in glittering upgraded armor.

"Woah! This is fantastic, and my excitement level has skyrocketed."

On the other hand, there was a swarm of players gathered in the same location. There appeared to be an ongoing duel between the two adventurers.

"Oi! Where did he learn his magical abilities?!"

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