8 Chapter 8: Wandering around the neighbourhood (I)

A/N: The next few chapters will just be an information dump about his basic abilities for those who do not read or watch Date A Live, or are just too lazy to search it up.


"What should we do now Yoshinon?" Shido was floating in the sky, not knowing where to go.

"Let's take a break Shido, we haven't had a rest for a while now." Yoshinon suggested, "Also, we need more apples!"

Not replying to his enthusiasm about apples, he floated towards the west of Japan. He didn't know why Yoshinon was addicted to apples. He knew apples were sweet and crunchy and juicy, but that's about it. Why was Yoshinon so addicted to it? He didn't have the slightest idea, and he didn't care. After all, he was rich enough to afford tons of apples from all the 'concerts' he performed. Plus, Yoshinon was his most trusted friend and loved one, and he would indulge in whatever his puppet wants.

After a few hours of casual flying, he reached Aichi prefecture. He went to a random neighborhood's playground and sat on the swing there.

After the fight between All Might and All for One, it was already afternoon. His lunch was the same as Yoshinon's, a few apples. 'Sigh, I want to eat a proper meal later for dinner.' Shido thought to himself. He couldn't continue eating apples only.

Looking around him, he saw many children his age playing around. He had transformed prior to coming here, making him look like an ordinary seven year old kid with a puppet. Normal black hair, normal black pupils and normal face. No one would take a second look at him, much less relate him to Phantom.

He enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere that was present. After witnessing the fight between two great figures, the adrenaline in his blood couldn't calm down. Only after reaching here did his mental state go back to normal. Children playing around, wearing slightly thicker clothes as the cold wind blew. Snow hasn't fallen yet, but the temperature was dropping gradually as the leaves turned brown at a visible pace everyday.

'This is what children should be doing, just enjoying their childhood, no bad memories should be formed.' Shido thought to himself. Everyone around him were playing together, excluding no one, which was rare in this society as usually the children with 'stronger' quirk would be the leader, and the others were minions, while the quirkless were ostracised. Maybe it's because everyone had a quirk here that no one was ostracised, but it doesn't change the fact that they were all playing together.

Shido had travelled all over Japan and saw many different sights ever since he woke up in the middle of the streets. He saw abuses and affection, hate and love, discrimination and inclusion. He experienced many different things. But one thing does not change, the fact that the quirkless are always the ones on the receiving end of hate, discrimination and ostracism.

"Sigh, children will always be children." He muttered under his breath, just loud enough for Yoshinon to hear him as he saw a new kid that tried to join a group only to get bullied.

"You forgot that you're a kid as well." His puppet retorted.

Ignoring his comment, he continued enjoying the cold breeze. Despite not wearing much clothes to cover himself warmly, he didn't feel cold at all. Maybe it's due to his ability, he didn't know, and didn't care.

Seated on the swing, he looked at the children playing with their family with their family a little far away from him.

"Family and friends huh..." Shido wondered about his life. It had been a few months since he had awoken, and he didn't have such people apart from Yoshinon. He wondered what it feels like to have other friends and family. He didn't know about the children from heroes' families, but there was no way he could be friends with normal children. Their identity and abilities were too far apart from each other. The way they saw the world was simply too different. While he trained (played) and tried to get stronger to surpass the strongest hero, they played in the sand, not knowing that all that was needed for their deaths was just one single villain being in a bad mood and passing in the area.

His ultimate goal was to beat All Might, not being equal to him. His innocent thoughts were directed and influenced by what he saw on the streets. Only by being strong would he be able to do whatever he wants to do. Of course, he doesn't want to be a villain, but if forced to, he would be one. He just wants to ensure that he could live freely without any danger coming to him or his loved ones. His abilities, or quirks was the ability to summon different weapons to do various things.

His first three weapons were the strongest, being able to manipulate reality. Ain Soph Aur was a flower whose petals could instantly kill someone the moment it touches them. Ain Soph was a huge tree decorated with flowers and branches that pierces the sky and reshapes the surrounding landscape, giving it a monochrome, chessboard-like appearance. Within this area of effect extended by both the tree's branches and roots, Shido could freely manipulate the laws of reality, meaning he was basically God in this area. Ain was a world-changing seed. It can instantly illuminate the entire world with light before erasing whomever or whatever she desires from reality. The blinding light makes it impossible to see, but it takes the form of a seed. Of course, they all take a lot of energy to use for now. If he uses them now, he would be weakened for a few months at least. From Ain, he is also able to mosaic himself, being immune to all incoming attacks, but not being able to attack as well.

The next three were the second strongest. Metatron gives him the ability to have a great offence and defence, shooting lasers out of the many pillars he could summon and manipulate them into his liking. Rasiel takes the form of a book, and is nigh omniscient, being able to get any information he wants and anything he writes on the book would become the reality, but the latter uses much more energy than the former. How much energy to manipulate the reality depends on the scale of it. Zafkiel was a clock, with the twelve Roman numerical each having their own special ability which manipulates time. But to use Zafkiel, Shido must use his 'time', also known as his life force. To counter that, he can also manipulate shadows, allowing him to 'devour' humans to take their 'time', replenishing his own in the second layer while also acting as a storage function for his clones and other people to reside in in the first layer.

Zadkiel takes the form of a huge rabbit. Yoshinon can transform from a puppet into a giant, and has the ability to manipulate and create ice. Camael is a halberd which can transform into a cannon. It has the ability to manipulate fire. Haniel is a broom, able to transform anything into anything, turning missiles into harmless, cartoon carrots was just one way to use it. It can also transform someone into another person, impersonating him or her. It can also store things and people, but everything would be in a stasis state in the broom except Shido himself.


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