The Advent of Dual Sentience Book

novel - Martial Arts

The Advent of Dual Sentience


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I have no idea where I come from, where I am, nor WHO I am. I don't remember anything, I don't even know who my parents are, or why I'm here to begin with. Why are all these corpses here? Why am I covered in Blood? So many unanswered questions... One thing is for certain though, there's a me who isn't me... A voice in my head that isn't mine, there's another consciousness sharing my head, and he only wants ONE thing.... and that's for everything to perish! He craves blood both day and night, he yearns for only destruction and calamity, and there's one more thing he yearns for.... To be awakened once again! We are the Two with no name, and this is the beginning of our story!


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