1 Chapter One: The Little Angel's First Step to Land of Dawn

As a lightningstruck hits the flight capsule where Peace Android Prototype 1 is, made it crash into a corner of Land of Dawn. The innocent Angela crawled out from the flight capsule and take her first step from the Land of Dawn.

Because it's her first time in there, she finds someone who can help her and ask for help. Wandering around and hoping Dr. Rooney is somewhere out there.

"Hello?! Anybody there?!"


She spent hours and hours searching for help. Until she got into a town. A small town. She walk around but everyone was avoiding her.

She tried to talk with the people there,

"Hello! Do you know Dr--",

"Hi! Did you know where--",

but it was like no one was talking to them. Angela became sad because no one can help her to find Dr. Rooney.

"Well, I guess no one knows here where Dr. Rooney is"

"Oh,maybe the people in the other town knows him. I think I should go there.", she said with a smile in her face.

But the other town was super far away from where she is. If you she go through the forest, it will take her one day to walk to arrive at the next town.

7 hours have passed, she was still hoping if someone is in the Forrest.

Another hour has passed, she found a house at the middle of the Forrest. She tried to knock at the door.

"Hello!Is someone inside?", she said while waitin' if someone will answer.

She spent minutes there waiting and waiting but no one answered her.

"Okay,I'm going in!"

Inside, there is bed,tables,chairs,and other things that are usually can be seen in an ordinary house. Looks like there is someone livin' in.

"I guess I'll just wait here for those who was living in here", she said at herself.

Half an hour has spent to her waiting in. But it was worth wait. She heard a girl speaking outside the door.

"Oh! Hey!",she said after opening the door.

"AAAAAAAAAH! Mommy!", the little girl shouted with a scared face rushing back to her mother.

"What is it Mary?Why are you shouting?", the Mother said.

"Mommy there is a robot inside!", the little girl said.

"Hi! I'm Angela! Nice to meet you!"she said to rhe mother being surprised by her.