The Ace of Queens

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What is The Ace of Queens

Read ‘The Ace of Queens’ Online for Free, written by the author Cesca_thesassysis, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, TEEN Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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This is a dropped novel don’t read this. Read: The Enchanter Reincarnation: Virtual World - - Lydro is a productive and independent person. He likes to learn anything. In the MMORPG virtual world, Era of Virtual Terra. Lydro’s life became perfect. In the decade in the game, he focused all of his time in different kinds of lifestyle jobs. He became a scholar and got famous. He is also got lucky and got the treasure of the God of Disguise. Because of his talents and luck, he become quite arrogant and careless. He joined one of the strongest guild in the guild and become their chief lifestyle guild player. Due to the treasure of God of Disguise, he also help to raids some treasury of guilds, sects, kingdoms, and even empires. He got rich, he a fourth of the stolen goods and sold his stolen goods in the ‘black market’. He left his home, discard his friends and family, and finally, he let himself get influenced by his top-tier wretched guild. He didn’t know that the guild and the ‘black market’ he trusted so much, is just using him. Also didn’t know that his guild is one of the owners of the black market. His guild and the ‘black market’ framed him. They exposed all of his burglary. They all put the evidence into him. With their influence and all the evidence, they destroyed Lydro’s fame, reputation, family, life, and his soul. He gain conscience of the people, the world, the world of Era of Virtual Terra, and the hell. Then, he died. He died mentally, physically, by the stab, by the truck, and by the god. Somewhat, a goddess killed him to reincarnate back to 12 years before he died. Now, he’ll stay lowkey, slowly, and stronger in this life. And he’ll going to use what he learnt in the game, from his past experience, and from his past life.

Not enough ratings
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