The Accursed Lovers
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The Accursed Lovers


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What is The Accursed Lovers

Read The Accursed Lovers novel written by the author Shiny_Star5683 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering mystery, revenge, ceo, possessive, royalfamily. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Synopsis. "HOW CAN YOU TURN INTO A CAT!?!?!??" He exclaimed and stared at the coral red furry little creature. The little cat stared back at him with its silvery purple eyes. ____________ Azaina Rosemortal meets Revnore Artifort. Two same personas clash to dominate yet during the process of this domination. They fell under the spell of love. Love, something so contradicting. Their love would start but would it end with them getting together? ___________________ She had been CURSED to turn into a cat after the clock struck 12 in midnight but no one knows about her shapeshifting. [ I can't be with him. ] ~~~~ With the half burnt red string, he was born. The only purpose of him to kill her ( his soulmate ) on the first full solar eclipse day when the sun would turn blood red before it becomes black and will cover the earth. [ I will never let go of her. ] ________ Excerpt She whispered, "How's it feel to be the one to get punished, hubby?" He gritted his teeth, "I would have loved it more if it's you, I was eating not these sour gummies." She put her hands on his thighs. She moved closer to him. Keeping a safe distance, "Patience, baby, We can't miss the fun." She responded as she kissed his neck. She licked and sucked on it. He had to control himself unwillingly before he pounced on her. It was crazy to control his hands which wanted to shamelessly roam all over her body and touch her inappropriately. Moving her hand upwards, she left his neck, "Isn't it painful for you, hubby?" "It is painful, help your hubby to cure this pain." His voice cracked. She leaned her face near to his, kissing at the corner of his lips, she uttered, "Then do you agree to my conditions now." He put his hands on her waist, "Wifey, that shouldn't be asked. You know I'll agree to everything you say." _________ Will he kill his destiny? Can she succeed in pushing him away from her? Will their story end like this? What about her curse? Why were they both cursed yet become lovers? ___________ Note: I'll suggest reading the author's note before you continue with chapters. [ The beginning of the book might be too confusing and hurried, I apologise for that. After I am done with more than 300 chaps, I will start to edit those initial chaps and polish them. I am sorry for the inconvenience. But I hope you do stick around until 20+ chaps. As the story picks up pace, it is smooth going. This is my not first book it surely is my first ever fantasy book. Plz, be patient with me. I won't disappoint.] __________ Disclaimer : The cover photo is taken from Pinterest and is edited by my friend only. The credit goes to the real artists.

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I really love that catchy name and the way the author is trying to express her thoughts she did it very well and author is being honest as sometimes these things really happen the story line is pretty convincing and the synopsis was really amazing I never saw someone writing the sypnosis this way. My wishes are with Author.


Oh my!!!! this story has bewitched my heart ❤️. Please give this great piece a chance! Writing style is clear and storyline is refreshing, sweet and loving. The story is developing slowly but the detailed description of characters, places, situations and feelings immerse the readers to another dimension as if we are witnessing the entire story unfold. Our Author doesn't limit it on a main couple and moves gradually giving importance to all main characters which is super interesting and we'll balanced. I hope our Author gives us steamy scenes through out the story. Well done dear Author and keep up with this marvelous sweet story!! 💖


So far so good. The writing style is pretty smooth, but some parts seem off, which is normal I guess. It's too early to judge the plot but the build up is nice :> will wait to see how it goes! Supporting author-san ♥ ♥ ♥ good luck, and keep updating~


Interesting plot. At first you'll get curious of what really is happening but soon it'll reveal. The characters are fun to read, especially Aza😘. I love it and hope for more updates 🥰 All the best author 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳


This story is like my perfect cup of tea. I have got really addicted to the story.. I couldn't help but always awaits for new chapters. 😇😇😇 The novel is in a good flow and the Dear Author is Showering us with Different Heart fluttering love stories.🤩Your writing style is magnificent. Author this looks very very good so far. I don't have much more to say, because this is one of the few novels on this platform I would wholeheartedly recommend on its own merits. On the whole I would definitely recommend this story a nice way to spend your reading time.[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


The writing is smooth and so are the characters...so much relatable that it has get me hooked...it is a sweet blend of friendships, emotions, and definitely worthy of your try....i like it so far and anticipating what's going to come in near future💕💖 Excited for it💕🔥


The Synopsis captivates me. This story has unique and refreshing plot different from other books here. The writing style of our dear author is commendable as well. I love how the story revolves around friendship, and love. I enjoy reading the early chapters making me want to flip more pages. I consider this as Hidden Gem.😍❤ Please do give it a chance and see for yourself how our dear author wrote this story beautifully. All the best with your book dear.


Just awesome !the author did an excellent job in writing this. The book is really interesting and I think there will be more interesting parts coming soon. Good luck author [img=update][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


the story had a fresh vibe in it. it is full of youth energy and bubbliness. i like how the girls interact with each other. and the mystery of curse keep me on edge. though i am sure the story will have a happy ending by its starting chapter


The synopsis is catchy and the plot is unique. It is so well written and every description is in so much detail that it easily grabs readers' attention. Good job author.


The title caught my attention. The synopsis is really intriguing. World building and character development is also good. The way story is unfolding it’s always left readers to think what coming next. Hope it’ll gain more attention. All the best ❤️


I will be honest, I am someone who is still finding it hard to read regularly but yet I keep coming back here for more. The one thing I love the most is the Character name. I cannot get over it. The characters are well written and their bonds are well described. At times, I do feel the development is slow, but that might be the demand of the story. In any case, it does not feel disconnected. What I have loved so far is the relatability in the book. The character is life-like as if they are people we know. Overall, the book is a must-read. Author, you have worked hard and I will be looking forward to reading more!!


Well well! Just the name of the novel itself builds up bubbles of excitement in my heart! So far, the novel is awesome. .. .Each of the characters have very meticulously been presented. Truly, a great work done by the author. .. And I really look forward to this novel. Lots of love and best wishes to the lovely author!


The story is great! The plot gets even better as the story progresses. The characters also felt genuine and not too stereotypical. I hope that there would be more chapters in the future! Keep up the good work!


well, the book is well written, the characters were well designed and have a fresh vibe to them. the world is slowly developing. if continued at this speed, the story would be soon in top 50. good work author


wow.. i have never thought that a new writer could write this well. the story is well planned and developing at a good pace. i like the dialogues and the way it brings the bubbliness out. good work author,. i am your fan now.


good mixture of friendship and magic. i like the way the story started, it gave me assurance that it would have a good ending. best of luck author keep up the good work


The book is a magical packet of mysteries and friendship which is blended with hard core romance. 😇😍 Characters are lovely and intresting and writing is really appreciatable... Absolutely a must read .. I don't why but i feel that someone among the boys is having underground connections might be Ml... The identity of all is yet to be revealed ... It will be intresting to see them solving things together .. Thank you dear author for sharing such a amazing story 🙃😊😊😊


Hey my dear sweet n beautiful shiny auth.. The story and your narration is really good. The world you created is intriguing and you did a great job. Guys give this book a shot you will definitely like it!!💜 Keep writing and do wonders like this always. All the best shiny💥 More strength to you


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