1 Birthday Banquet

The double door opened, in walked a young man that seemed to be in his early twenties but was actually only nineteen with the height of six feet, had the looks of a young warrior that had just started training, with black hair that was parted neatly along a center path and was adorned in a black tuxedo suit.

Following him was a young man that looked to be in his mid twenties, he was actually twenty five on that day and the birthday banquet was actually meant for him. He was just two inches taller than his brother, he had blonde hair and compared to his younger brother he was more built and tan. He looked nothing like their parents as neither parents were tan or had blonde hair. He also had more of a girlish face and if it wasn't for his built many would have took him for a girl.

Then there was a couple that entered after them, the woman had black hair, red eyes which was a sign that she was forcefully shifted to become a vampire. The man had natural emerald green eyes just like his youngest son and black hair as well.

The royal couple entered the hall and walked to their seats which were at the head table facing the guests that were attending the birthday banquet. Next to the king was the elder son, Luke Black and next to the mother was the younger son, Leon Black.

The guests waited for the royal family to take their seats before they followed suite. The guests waited for the king to give his speech before they could return to their previous conversations or even have dinner.

The king held up his glass and everyone waited, each holding their breath, "Welcome ladies and gentlemen, thank you for taking time of to attend this birthday banquet to celebrate my eldest son, Luke, twenty fourth birthday with us. As you all know the competition for the next queen would be starting from tomorrow and would commence next year on this same day.

"However, things will be different this time around. There has never been two sons born in the royal family before and since there are now two sons that have the blood of royalty running through their veins, they would also be competing for the throne.

"The rules for the future queen selection would remain the same however, this time around, all females that are untouched would be competing. The same rule applies that if there is a female that bares the selection mark upon her neck are withheld from participating in the competition, the the pack would be wiped out from upon Zoma.

"Unlike the other selections where the untouched females may find their mate along the way and would have to wait for the selection to end then to be mated with their soulmate, this time around the female would not know who their soulmate is but the male would know. If a male finds his soulmate and she is participating in the challenge he can mark her, this enables her to come out of the trance that she would be place under from the time she has been selected.

"The trance would not prevent the females from continuing as normal, it it would do is prevent the female from looking and acknowledging another male that is not their mate. In some cases the females would start getting feelings for their mate when they see them but they would be in a trance that they wouldn't be the ones to approach of claim the male, the male has to do that.

"Along with the females having to participate, my sons would also be competing to see who would become the next king. Their rules would be given in private and not a soul apart from them, myself and my wife would know of those rules.

"I request that all heads start preparing your untouched females for the selection that would be starting as of tomorrow. For those heads that are unreachable to the media and other sources please inform them of the selection as soon as possible.

"Again I want to thank all of you for attending this joyous day, let us enjoy the rest of the banquet. Serve the dishes," Mr. Lucas Black said and then sat again before taking a sip of the highly rich wine that was in his flute.

The hall became noise once more as the heads of each country started talking among themselves about upcoming event. There were still some that were unsure of why there was another selection twenty years after the last one.

There were many questions running through the heads of the guest but none of them voiced their thoughts and kept it to themselves. Some of them wanted to know what the sons of the kings would have to do to become the next king as they also had daughters and they hoped that their daughter might become one of the sons wife.

The birthday banquet ended around twelve the next morning but the hall was almost empty by then because most of the heads were in a hurry to return to their country to have an immediate meeting with the heads in their country.

Those that remained to the end were those that lived within Mora, the country that the royal family lived in or the countries that were just along the border of Mora.

"Good night," Lucas told the remaining men before heading to his study, his two sons and his wife followed him out of the hall and was about to part ways when they approached the intersection of four corridors, "The three of you come with me," he told his wife and two sons, then turned and told his personal assistant, "Arrange for a meeting at eight with directors and executives of all our companies within Mora."

"Yes your highness," Davis said and then head to his office to start making his calls.

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