The Acceptance Book

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The Acceptance


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She was turning twenty one and had not shifted as yet, and was considered ugly and fat. However, her upside in things were that she was very intelligent and observant. Many believed she was a mute, including her pack members. However, things started to look on the upside as she was one of the few in her college to get a scholarship to attend the main university in another city. She was coming to the end of her degree and needed to pass the final courses, but the future queen selection started the just on the last day of the lecturers and to Angel's dismay she was also among those marked. The mark didn't agree at first but then something happened and it started to agree, Angel had no choice to be a part of the selection competitions and training as well as try to continue studying as she was also seeking her own independence, but there was also a requirement in the scholarship package she had to fulfil which could affect her selection and independence and maybe her studies. On the other hand he was engaged and didn't know about it, but that changed as he had to participate in the selection process. He didn't expect that the first girl he saw was the fattest and ugliest girl he ever saw but he still accepted her for who she was. Since he had done the things required to become the next king he really didn't want to participate anymore but then the people around the girl requested more of him and as such he had to work harder. At first everything was going good for them but then things started to become more complicated.


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