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The times that they book had been re written and published

Published: August 16th 2018

Re published: January 2019

Completed: August 16th 2019

Re published: December 2019

New version: January 2020 (18 and 19th)

So about four times this is the last time I'm doing that cause it'll be a pain in an butt if I have to re write for the 5th time. Once I got reads on wattpad seeing them grow thinking ppl enjoyed the book I thought "why not I keep going" so I did now it has 70k reads the story itself is now turned into a different book.

While The Abused Omega has its own new version 5k for right now anyways I'll stop and have a few warnings down. This book is the only book that will have the most warnings I'm not trying to glorify the warnings that will be down here. The fact that it happens in real life is sad so it's awareness [ just how I see it ] that's how I do it with my books..awareness.

Now the following book will contain dark and sexual themes that are not for 17 and under. This book will have the following themes as…

⚠️/ / Physical abuse, ****, starvation, depression, smoking, bullying, cheating mentions, drinking, Mpreg, intersex character, & crossdressing. You can skip the warnings when they're in this book or you don't have to read the book at all book triggered or disturbed it's fine the ones I mentioned are very triggering so mental health comes first

Rudy suffers form PTSD (I'll look up on this more), depression and anxiety (everyones is different so I will be using mine for experience ) I won't have him to feel all better and good once Jasper comes to his school I feel like there's just books out there where love interest comes and you feel better? I could be wrong but still. I'm not like that it'll take Rudy time to heal and his friends will help him on the way

This book is in heavy progress so I hope it's better than the last time chapters will be long it it'll take me awhile to write them ( feels like 5 minutes to idk why ). I update slower now I had been editing most of the time and been losing my writing interest but I won't quit now I will finish my books and continue making new ones.

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