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The Abandoned Key


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Landing an all inclusive scholarship in China to study medicine, Sylvia, her mother and sister, all fly out from London, leaving everything behind to start a new life overseas. All she wanted was to be a normal student with a normal life...But things start to become strange after meeting her new neighbours. A gorgeous young single mother with four gorgeous sons, takes an instant liking to Sylvia, and sets her mind to wed one of her son's to her. what's more strange is the fact that this lady does not look a day over 24 years? "do your sons even know that you are trying to set me up with one of them?" Sylvia was barely able to form the sentence as she was shocked out of her mind. She had just met this lady a second ago! The petite lady laughs elegantly, her voice full of joy and determination, " oh dear, they don't have a choice!" The story revolves around a young girl who until she flew to China, she thought that she was just an ordinary girl. As the dark secrets are revealed and the harsh reality of life hits her, she only has the choice of gaining more power to protect her closest people. Whether it is wealth or a title or joining a secret military run organisation, she will fight until her last breath to gain it. As Sylvia starts to become more powerful, she gains the ability to see fragments of the future in her dreams, more precisely, she is able to tap into people's minds? She then goes on to find out of another...world? A world where people live for thousands of years and are able to shape shift into their tribes animal? What's Sylvia's role in all of this? She will not just become a powerful person on earth... turns out she's the long lost sister of the current King of that world. And according to the legends, she will have to unite all rebellious sub-kingdoms under the one true ruler, but what is the current King doing about it...? And who's the evil plotter behind all of her pain? This novel will be a rollercoaster! Full of happy as well as heart wrenching moments! It will contain some action and fighting as well as some intimate moments. This is my fist time writing a novel. If you have any feedback please don't hesitate to mention it! NOTE: For those wondering, the drama starts at the end of chapter 2 LOL! Chapter 3 is where a special encounter happens loool! Enjoy guysss! Chapter release may be slow in the beginning. But I will try my best! Love you guys! Enjoy reading! <3