1 Grey Hoodie Guy Pt. 1

"Apologise to them," She gesticulated to the door before slamming her hand hard against the table. My body leaned deep into the chair, my bosom rising higher and lower every second. There could had been no better opportunity you could possibly have to witness the monster 'Song Yoona'. The weight of her stale hands pushed into the table, the table creaked. "Or YOU ARE FIRED!" I wiped her putrid saliva off my face. Rolling my eyes to whichever angle I couldn't see her, I let out a sigh under my breath.


"Fine. I'm done with your shit anyways." I took out the name badge and heaved it at Yoona


When wasn't I done with her shit? I grabbed my jacket before getting myself out of that filthy chair. That monster of a human has caused so many people harm, I kicked open the restaurant door. Piece of shit.

She's still so childish huh, Song Yoona. That infamous bully in high school. I was one of her victims too. She bullied girls who had a crush on her biggest crush, the most handsome guy in the high school, Lee Minho. While all of her victims were girls who had crushes on Minho, I was an exception. I didn't know why she bullied me, for i was not interested in Minho. It was until we graduated then i realised that she bullied me because Minho had a crush on me. When I first heard about it, I couldn't believe that Yoona seriously bullied me for 4 years just because of him. And I guess the saying "A leopard never change its spots" is very true, at least it's true for Yoona. Well, on the bright side, I got rid of Yoona, i thought as the memories of the Yoona being and ass to me for no reasons flashed in my mind.

"BEEP!" A car horn brought me back to reality. Shit. I almost died, I thought as I found myself about to cross the road. Since I was near the Han River, I decided to walk there and take a breather. I sat on a bench and let my thoughts consume me.

Sigh… I got rid of Yoona which also means I got rid of my job. How would I even survive? When I earned the measly amount of money from the part-time job, it was barely enough to make ends meet. Now, I don't even have a job… Maybe I should just drop out of university? It would be around 5000000 won off the burden on my shoulders. I doubt my bank account has more than 60000 won. I should find a job fast, or else I would starve to death. Yea, maybe I should quit university, I'll have more time to work as well.

Maybe because of the unhealthy amount of stress I have, or I pitied myself, tears started to stream down my face. I sat there on a bench, beside the Han River, crying my heart out until I felt a tap on my right shoulder. I looked up and realised a man, wearing a grey hoodie, was sitting beside me. " Here," he said, as he outstretched his arm, holding onto a packet of tissues. His voice was a little raspy and I felt a little soothed by it. " Thanks," I mumbled and reached out to take the tissues, my voice a little hoarse due to the crying.

"So…" Grey hoodie guy asked me carefully, he was trying not to say something wrong to make me cry again. He stopped for a while to gather his words before asking again. " Uhm… Are you okay? Do you want to… talk about it?" I looked up at him, and got lost in my thoughts. Damn who's this? His eyes are like the galaxies. His monolids are so puffy. He looks like my dream guy~~

Grey hoodie guy probably misunderstood my internal fangirling silence as my discomfort. He quickly apologised. " I'm so sorry if I made you uncomfortable. I didn't mean to. I just wanted to hear you out. You know, it may make you feel better. Again, I'm so so sorry." Grey hoodie guy said everything in one breath.

OMG!! HE IS SO CUTE WHEN HE IS FLUSTERED! I unintentionally let out a giggle at his cuteness. When I realised it, I hurriedly explained, " No worries. I wasn't uncomfortable. And you're really cute when you're flustered."

When grey hoodie guy heard me, he smiled in relief, revealing his two dimples.


" Hey, uhm, would you like to confide in me your problems? I mean it's better to tell someone than bottle everything up." Dimples said gently. I thought it over, and I thought " why not? Telling him has no harm anyways".

" Let me ask you something first. Why did you sit beside me?" I asked.

"Well, you looked like you needed some company."

I nodded, what he said makes sense after all.

" Uhm… so I quit my part-time job which was my only source of income. I don't think I can afford university fees, house rent and my living expenses with only the savings I have in my bank account. And… honestly I don't know what to do with life anymore…" The words that came out of my mouth became softer and softer.

" Hey uhhh-wait what's your name?" Realisation suddenly hit Dimples as it dawned on him that after talking for so long, we didn't know each other names.

" Well, truth to be told, I don't have one. You can call me anything you like, I go by Sara for jobs and stuff though." I told Dimples. He looks astonished when he got to know it. I mean it's normal, who doesn't have a name?

" I was given away by my biological parents when I was a child and a middle-aged lady, who I called Joanna, took me under her roof. She didn't give me a name or anything. I was addressed as 'bastard child'. Sometimes I wonder why she even took me under her roof if she wasn't even interested in taking care of me. I only found out the truth when she was drunk once.

'If it wasn't for that amount of money I receive every year, there's no way I would take care of a bastard child.'

That sentence kept repeating in my head that night. Well, she must have known my biological parents huh. If so, her words were probably true. I am a bastard child. No wonder they didn't want me. Seeing that Joanna was still asleep, I hurriedly took a backpack and stuffed some clothes I have, some cash, two energy bars and my second-hand phone before leaving the house for good.

Looking back, it has been 4 years already. Lucky for me though, Joanna continued to pay for my high school fees, until the last year. I don't know why she stopped, perhaps my biological parents found out that Joanna wasn't taking care of me, so they stopped sending her the money. Not that I care anyways. It only meant that I had to start saving more to pay for my university fees."

" Uhm… Then what do you want people to call you by?" It was because of Dimples' question, I broke out of my reverie. What do I want people to call me by? I didn't know, for I thought that there was no need for names.

" I don't know. Didn't give it much thought." I paused before continuing, " why don't you give me one?"

Dimples was clearly taken aback. His eyes widened in shock. I mean it's understandable. No one just walks up and asks a stranger to give them a name.

"Can I call you… Athena?" Dimples' eyes were shining with excitement. " It's the name of the Goddess of War. I thought it suited you really well. After hearing your life story, I feel that you are a warrior in life. So, I thought of the name Athena." Listening to Dimples, I felt like I was talking to an intellectual. The name was really well-thought. In so long of my life, I actually felt appreciated by someone once. I like it. Wait no. I love it.


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