1 Chapter 1 | Reincarnation

"_": Dialog

[ ] : Sound System

{ }: Skill

Before reading, I remind you once again that this novel is similar to Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken because I need a reference to write the story prefix. Take it easy this doesn't really look alike. I hope you understand and this novel is actually an experiment.



Darkness enveloped my vision, I felt something different with my body.

Where am I? What happened to me?

I try to open my eyes, where is this? why am i here?

I'm trying to remember, Yes I just remembered, my name is Kamisako Sukanto, 38 years old.

My company went bankrupt, after that there was another problem, I got drunk and my wife couldn't stand to see me.

My wife and child left me, My life is ruined and I died from mixing 7 types of alcohol and drinking large amounts of it.

Well ~ let's forget about that for a while, now that I'm fine, there's no time to panic.

How can I panic at this situation? A cool guy like me panicking like this, it only happens when elementary school children excrete dirt in their pants.

As I looked around, I realized, I'm in a Cave, putting that matter aside. And also why do I feel my body shrinking? Is it just my feelings?

I try to hold my hair..... And it's very smooth after that I also touch my skin that very soft ... and also...

Hmm, see what is this? This strange lump on my chest, and why do I feel like I've seen this?

What!? .. Why is there a two mountain in my chest, where's my little brother "cock", calm down, take a breath one, two, fyuh....

Well, it's useless to panic at a time like this.

Give me a break, this is really hard, I don't understand what happened to me.

Did I just panic? Don't joke around, damn it all, how could a man like me panic again, but I'm not a even a man now.

Did I just panic? I? Myself? There's no way a cool person like me can panic, Dashing man Like m-, ah, yes I'm not a man Now.

Let's see the state of my current body, my body is healthy and fine, 100% Okay.

Next let's see how I look, but how do I see my appearance?

I walked a little bit in that place and found the Pool, Wow so this is my appearance, Silver hair, golden eyes, smooth skin, pretty face, soo cute.

Hahahaha~Hahahaha (evil laughter)

Ahh I'm thirsty, I'll drink the water, Fuah Oh its sweet and fresh, water like this can't exist in


[Passive Sense Skill Obtained]

"What? Who is that? ... hello is anyone here"

Weird, I just heard someone talking, maybe it's just my Imagination.

For now let's find out what happened again, when I woke up I was not in the hospital, but in a cave.

And also I (Reborn) and become a beautiful girl. Wait a minute... Become? Oh Right, reincarnation thing.

I see, I understand the situation, I reincarnated ... into a girl…. But what if there is a perverted guy! Am I going to (Censor)?

No way, Don't mess with me, I studied martial arts a few years when I was a teenager. Let's change the topic.

This plant looks foreign, but looks delicious, let's try it … Hmm this plant is sweet, and when I eat it feels like a something flowing through my body and that makes my body fresh. What is this plant?

[Answer, It's the Flyra plant, this plant only grows in places that have a lot of magic energy, this plant is quite rare, and only grows in humid places, This plant contains a lot of magical energy, and is also very effective for healing, which is why this plant is so valuable. ]

Oh so I see. Wait who are you?!! I thought it wasn't just my Imagination, who are you?

[I am Rachel the Advisor]

Rachel? Advisor? Like the systems I read about in the manga? Woah so this feels like using the system. And also where is this?

Is this ancient China? Or Medieval? Rachel Where is this?

[Answer: In the Cave overlooking th-]

It is not that!! I mean in what world am I now?, what is this world?l

[Analyze, short answer The Fantasy World]

That means ELF !! Eh no, magic !! I means there is magic in this world right ?. ( This part is changed and adding more sense in it.

That means Elf .... Succubus .... No, No, No. that means in this world there are swords and magic?


So, am I the human race? Can I use Magic? how much magic power?

[Answers: you are Vampire Axis Race, Abilities possessed,

- Blood Control Main Skill ,

- Unique Skill Observation,

- Fishing Ordinary Skill,

- Drawing Common Skill

- Sculpt Ordinary Skill,

- Immunity to temperature passive Skill,

- sense passive Skill

Notification. The individual 'Player' does not have a name yet. Please give a name to yourself. ]

Eh sorry? my Name? My previous name was Kamisaki Sukanto. Because I am now a girl I will not use that name.

Then I will use the Name Fiora.

[Analyze. The name Fiora, Race Axis Vampire. ]

Axis Vampire? Vampire Race !! Ah, I don't like blood ... Is Axis some kind of species of Vampire?

[Answer. The Vampire Axis Race is a race that is considered extinct, they belong to the 5 strongest races.

Due to an incident several hundreds of years ago, the Axis Race was almost endangered, now the Vampire Axis Race is considered extinct.

But there are some people who confirm that there are still 2 Axis Vampire Races ]

Wow, that's cool, but do I have to drink blood? I don't even like seeing blood, it's disgusting what's more to drink it.

[Ordinary Vampires drink blood to survive, while Axis Vampires can survive only by absorbing the magic energy around them. Next evolution from the usual Vampire race is Baron Vampire while Axis Vampire is Axel Vampire]

Evolution huh? Hmm for now I will focus on filling my hungry stomach.

One week later •

It's been a week I've been here, I took a walk in the cave while eating the plant that I found.

And also when I eat red mushrooms, I get poisoned, and I keep eating them so I get. Why did I eat it? It's to make my body have poison resistance.

And actually that Poison From Mushroom was easily neutralized with my body.

And also I eat something that I look good, for example like this red mushroom, when I eat it I get poisoned.

But it doesn't matter, it's just an ordinary poison that can kill humans, it doesn't affect a strong race like me.

[Poison Resistance Skill Obtained]

And also I meditate 2 hours a day to absorb the magic energy that is overflowing around me, I wonder where this great energy is coming from.

And also Meditating, As I see in the Chinese manga I often read, just like Cultivating, I absorb the energy around me.

And also even though I'm in the cave, I do light exercise like Push up, Sit Up, running, actually it was all Rachel-sensei's advice.

And 2 weeks have passed since I consumed the Flyra Plant for the first time and before meditating I got it.

And also Rachel-sensei said to always consume Flyra Plants, it can add endurance, and I got....

[Super Regeneration Unique Skill Obtained]

I got it from regularly consuming Flyra Plants.

[Unique Combination Skill Obtained]

I get that when I try to combine 2 different skills.

Merge Skill? What is that? What must be combined?

[ Unique Combination Skills, Skills that combine 3 Skills into 1 Random Skill, Can get 80% Unique Skills, 10% Epic, 6% Legendary, Even 4% Ultimate Skills. This skill can only be used once in 5 months. ]

Wow then I will combine my skills.

[Combined Skill is used, Choose 3 Skills]

Then I'll combine - Common Fishing Skills, - Drawing Common Skills and, - Sculpt Common Skills.

[Combining - Common Fishing Skills, - Drawing Common Skills and, - Common Sculpt Skills].

[Ultimate Skill Peak Evolution Obtained]

Wow, seriously? It's like Gacha! My luck seems really good. Combines 3 ordinary skills for 1 Ultimate Skill. Marvelous!!.

[Want to Use the Ultimate Peak Evolution Skill? Yes / No]

Yes, let's use what happened.

[Blood Control Reaches Peak

Level: Ruler of blood Ultimate Skill

Observation's Unique Skill Reached Peak Level: Skill Legendary The eyes of God

Unique Skill Super Regeneration Reaches Peak Level: Skill Unique Immortal Body

Unique Skill Wind velocity Reaches Peak Level: Skill Uniqe Speed of light

Poison Resistance Passive Skill Reaches Peak Level: Skill Uniqe Converts poison into magic energy

Passive Skill Immunity to temperature reaches the Peak: Unique Passive Skill Anti Element

Skill Passive Sense Reached Peak Level: Passive Skill Uniqe Sense Master

Rachel the advisor Reaches Evolution: Great System' Rachel ]

I tried to run towards a large door in front which was about 25 meters with my new skill and, 1, 2, 3, I started running and... !!! ( This part is changed and adding more sense in it please check it again.

I looked at the door ahead and I tried out the skill that was just upgraded.

"{ Speed ​​of light }

Suddenly I hit the big door even though before that door there was a 10 meter long pool of water, did I really go through it? Am I walking on water?

I guess I have to practice my new skills. Hmmm in front of me there is a large door that I hit before, about 5 meters high and made of wood? ( This part is changed and adding more sense in it please check it again

What is this door?

[ Great Magic Energy Alert Detected ]

Oh? Is there someone in there? And also judging from the height of this door, she must be a gigantic figure.

I felt a strong presence inside. What a terrifying magic energy, I pushed open the wooden door and it made a sound.

"Help me"

Who? Is anyone in there? When I opened the door I saw the figure of a beautiful woman who has silver hair like me.

She was naked and her hands were chained, and she kept saying "Help me" Is she really still alive?

As I approached her I suddenly hit a transparent wall or something transparent (Barrier?). It is a 3 layered barrier say Rachel.

I wonder what happened to this girl. Is she an evil creature? That's what I thought.

So I turned around and headed out to leave her.

But I guess she saw me

"You over there, please help me...Do not leave me"

Did she just talk to me? I don't know why I feel pity for her, actually, her appearance is similar to mine. Well Maybe I should help her? maybe I can get some information from her.

"I have no reason to help you, and why are you in chained like that anyway?"

I asked her, and she raised her head and answered.

"I will tell you how I was sealed here so please help, I have been here since 500 years ago and I will perish another 250 years from running out of Magic Energy "

500 Years?! Wait I will use the Eyes of God Skill

[Name:?? Race: Axel Vampire MP:?? ]

Oh, the evolution of my race. Probably one of the 2 Axis Vampires in this world.

She's like, Our race is the same, maybe She's one of them, I should help her.

"I will release you if you tell me what happened to you"

I asked her while approaching the thick barrier protecting her.

"Well, I'll tell you, It Started 500 Years Ago"

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