8 Chapter 7 Goblins

I met the goblins.

Rimuru- "… Say something."

I mean you guys are just standing there and shaking.

???- "O-oh strong one! What business do you have here?"

Who I assume to be the leader steps forward warily and speaks out to me. Yeah, this is really odd. They're just grunting, but I know exactly what they're saying. [Magic Sense] is trippy…

Anyway, I guess I should answer.

Rimuru- "Well, I was just wandering around I guess."

I was also looking for you guys, but it's not like I can say that, eh? Oh, I should also show off a bit…

Rimuru- "My name's Rimuru."

Immediately after, they start looking at me with awe… or, I assume it's awe. I mean, they're ugly as fuck. I know once they evolve they would become more human-like, especially in the beauty department, but these guys… their faces look like your mom- I mean, they look like those super wrinkly old women, or rather, those witch masks you see on Halloween.

And they all look the same… Jesus christ this is terrifying.

Anyway's, they're looking at me with (what I assume to be) awe on their faces. To monsters, having a name is a kind of status.

???- "Village is ahead. We sense strong monster, so we sent patrol."

Oh, their village is nearby? That makes things easier. But… they sensed me?

OH! I forgot about my aura. I left it on high, so I'm practically screaming out "here I am!" without any pants on.

Not that I have pants in the first place.

So yeah, I quickly tone down my aura to exactly that of a slime. I still think I'm missing something… It must not be important.

Rimuru- "Right. Now, take me to that village you mentioned!"

???- "Of course, majestic one!"

Rimuru- "Majestic?"

I never heard OG Rimuru getting called majestic of all things…

???- "Of course! Your mystical figure enshrouded in that haze is very enchanting and majestic!"

Oh, THAT's what I was missing! I forgot to turn off the misty visual effects! Ha! Silly me!

And so I turn it off. Now I'm just a normal white slime. Wait, what colour are slimes in this world? Do they come in different colours? Or just a single colour?

Hold on, why was it that in this story about a slime, there was never a mention about a slime other than Rimuru…

(A/N: Was there? I forgot. Let me know if there was!)

And so I got guided to the village. On the way, I realised that I was still sliding. And it's… kinda gross. I mean, I'm not leaving any mucus behind as I move, nor am I covered in mucus. If anything, I'm like a soft squishy ball.

Anyway, sliding is gross, and I need to move differently. The solution?

Hopping. Or rather, bouncing.

Mmm! I look a lot cuter this way! Now, come to me ladies!

*Arrives at the goblin village*

NOT YOU LADIES! At least wait for the evolution! Geez, I still can't get over their ugly looks.

I sound like an ass. But hey! Looks are important! It doesn't matter what anyone tells you, if you're ugly, the chances of landing a partner will significantly drop! I know from experience after all…


ANYWAY! I digress. Right, goblins. As soon as I arrived, the first thing that passed through my head was "what the fuck are those dingy sheds?". I mean, they look like they would fall from a simple breeze.



Let me rephrase myself. They WILL fall from a simple breeze.

So I've been talking with the goblin chief AKA future Rigurd and I have decided to help them with the wolves problem.

Why am I helping them? Because I want to. If I leave them be, they will DEFINITELY get overrun by the wolves. And I would feel 'off' if I just let that happen.

After all, as the uncle of my web-slinging senior said, "with great power comes great responsibility". If I just let bad things happen when I could have stopped them, then it feels like those things happened because of me.

And I don't want that on my conscience. This is why I'll follow in OG Rimuru's footsteps. Of course, I won't make the same mistakes he did.

Now, where was I… Oh yeah! The goblins!

So their story was still the same as in canon, their diety (Veldora) fucking noped out of here a month ago and now wolves are attacking this place due to his missing presence.

Apparently having Veldora nearby warded away any stronger monster. For some reason though, goblins, who are much weaker than wolves, are completely fine living with Veldora nearby. How? No fucking clue.

I mean, I know there should be a valid reason, but I forgot what it was. And it's not like the goblins know the reason either, they aren't the brightest people after all…

I mean, I asked them, but…

*Look at each other* *Shrugs*

… is the response I got.

So yeah, back to the present, I accepted their request for help. First up on the list, heal all the injured goblins. I mean, I could make some full heal potions, it's quick and easy, but…


Don't get me wrong, I'm not gonna just leave them. What I meant is, I've got the skills to do it myself. So…

[Rune Master]!

And voila, I get a rune sequence that lets me heal these guys! It's quite potent too, on the level of a high potion. I can make a sequence that's comparable to a full potion, but I don't need to.

Of course, this rune sequence will only work in a specific way. How, you ask? Well…

[Limited Creation]!

And like that, a hot steaming meat bun pops up in front of me. I take the meat bun and shove it into the mouth of a goblin who got his shoulder slashed down to his waist.

And a few seconds later, after some glowing effects, said slash injury is now gone.

You see, I stuck that rune sequence on the bun. After all, it only activates when consumed orally. So I made a meat bun with that rune sequence, charged it with the necessary magicules, and stuffed it into the goblin's mouth.

The result? Well…

???- "All hail Meat Bun-sama!"

This goblin is convinced meat buns are now the end to all problems.

I mean, I don't disagree.

And so, I take that collapsed hut and turn them into a pile of steaming hot meat buns, all with the rune sequence on them.

Rimuru- "Eat up!"

And thus, the world exploded…














Just kidding. But that's it for this chapter.


Name: Rimuru

Race: Origin Slime (Highest Tier Spirit)

Protection: Crest of Space

Title: None

Ultimate Skills: [Illya, Lord of Heaven's Feel]

Intrinsic Skills: [Infinite Regeneration] [Universal Shapeshift] [Universal Sense]

Unique Skills: [Great Sage] [Predator] [Limited Creation] [Rune Master]

Extra Skills: [Control Water] [Lord's Ambition]

Common Skills: [Poisonous Breath] [Paralysis Breath] [Sticky Thread] [Steel Thread] [Drain] [Ultrasonic Wave] [Body Armour]

Tolerances: [Resist Temperature] [Resist Melee Attack] [Cancel Pain] [Resist Electricity] [Resist Paralysis]


A/N: I mean, goblins aren't THAT ugly...

MC: Trust me, they're a lot worse than shown in the series.

AN: Oh... I'll make them look better once they evolve.

MC: Please...

AN: Oh and one more thing.

MC: What?

AN: Get out.

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