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Name: Rimuru

Named by: Manas: Ciel

Race: Monarch

Rimuru was a slime that got reincarnated into the world of Naruto by a random omnipotent being, also know as R.O.B. or Author, at least that is the memory he has of the encounter with Ciel, albeit it was purely luck...

His personality isn't very clear as he is still discovering his new self after he became a monster.

Rimuru doesn't care if he has to sacrifice someone to achieve his goals, as an example we can remember what he did in chapter 6, 12, 13 and 14 causing a lot of deaths for reasons that are completely egotistical

Other identities: Kaede Uchiha

Kaede is believed in the eyes of Konoha's residents, to be an extremely cold girl, one that was very cheerful and happy before the uchiha massacre, though after that day she became icy cold.

She has no friends asides from possibly Sasuke

Her way of dealing with missions is completely moved by results, she won't waste her time doing useless things.

After the trauma of the massacre, Kaede awoke her sharingan, tough only on the right eye and worse still is that it is permanently active, draining her chakra 24/7.

Her teammates are Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki temporarily, Although Kakashi Hatake has the idea of putting her in a team with Touka and Blizzard after he saw how she seems more 'alive' around them

Her sensei is temporarily Kakashi Hatake and her true sensei is Shizue Fudo

Likes salty food

SKILL LIST: Updated to chapter 68

(Btw, 3 origin skills and 16 ultimates... op as f)


Space, the very concept of it, bends at your will


Time, the very concept of it, bends at your will, albeit to a limited degree

-[Ashborn, Shadow monarch]

The one who controls death, harbinger of shadows (the skill, not te character, okay?)


Previously, Uzumaki, lord of seals. Has all the knowlodge of sealing, having and ego created 97% out of Karin Uzumakis soul remnants, and 3% of ######'s soul remnants


Previously, Loki, lord of illusions. A skill with an ego, created by a fusin os a tiny piece of Shisui Uchiha's soul and ountless others who died by Rimuru's hands


Previously, Isis, lord of wisdom. The very concept of this skill was to serve Rimuru, so as soon as it was conceived, it already had an ego, albeit it took long to form completely

-[Heka, lord of protection]

From the wish to save people who he cpuld not, Rimuru created this skill for that purpose, unknowingly

-[Hephaestus, lord of craftsmanship]

The wish to make anything that he wanted, Made Rimuru create this skill, unknowingly

-[Devourer Of Gods]

The essence of the devourer, infinite gluttony and an predatory instinct

-[Yibb-tstll, lord of space-time]

The impossible feat of controlling both time and space, brought togheter by the skill impossible

-[Aphoom-zhah, lord of the cold flames]

The cold flames that freeze things instead of burning

-[Cthaat, lord of the dark water]

The vast oceans hide more secrets than humans may think

-[Prometheus, lord of fire]

The flame of hope, rekindled after Rimuru found his reason to become stronger

-[Kurama, lord of chakra]

The nine tails

-[Chomei, lord of the skies]

the seven tails

-[Isobu, lord of water]

the three tails

-[Shukaku, Lord of the sands]

the one tail


The eyes of Hagoromo Otsutsuki, contain the power of the six paths


The eyes of Hamura Otsutsuki, contain the power of... ok, idk

-[Six eyes]

The eyes that can see anything, even the minimal details, grant near perfect control over any form of energy, and can entrance someone, just by being seen


The eye that can command anyone to do anything, albeit can be resisted by experienced ninjas, anyone with an weak mind is an easy prey to it


Nothing can kill an immortal body, albeit the soul isn't affected by the skill


A genius can comprehend things much quicker and easier than normal people

-[Gates of Babylon]

Can shoot anytging stored inside Rimuru's own dimension at insane speeds (doesn't come with the weapons of Gilgamesh, unfortunately)


The ability to control plants

-[Chakra arms]

creates arms made of chakra, duh

-[Chakra cloak]

cloaks the user in chakra modes:



kyuubi 1-9 tails

chomei 1-7 wings

isobu 1-3 tails

shukaku 1 tail made of sand

-[Emotion sensing]

can sense any emotions, Rimuru keeps this off most of the time, as it can be pretty overwhelming

-[Demon lord's haki]

The will of a demon lord is not easy to withstand


Can summon things, people or monsters


can shed skin to regenerate

-[Elemental domain]

One domain where any elements are controlled by Rimuru


Can create domain type skills or sub skills

-[Perfect clone]

A perfect clone, can use ultimate skills up to 20% of their maximum power an anything below that perfectly. Cannot use Origin skills, but some subskills of Origin skills are in a grey area


Makes the Impossible happen, so some of your impossible requests still have hopes... maybe

-[Earth control]

Control earth, separated from elemental control at Rimuru's request

-[Wind control]

Control wind, separated from elemental control at Rimuru's request

-[Lightning control]

Controls lightning, separated from elemental control at Rimuru's request

-Other characters

Name: Shizue Fudo

Named by: Her mother

Shizue is the Naruto world counterpart of Shizue Izawa from Cardinal world (Tensura's main world)

Shizue has a friendly attitude and loves kids, that is why she decided to be a sensei to the new students

Shizue possess a nameless (For now) artifact sword that can divide anything in half, including jutsus, Rimuru/Kaede theorized that this sword may have a correlation with [Degenerate] skill.

Shizue noted at her first meeting with Uchiha Kaede that her eyes were scanning people for everything they are worth, and that had a evil glint behind them.

Shizue had to leave her temporary team, team 7 and her student at the care of Kakashi during one mission and is currently outside konoha.

Apparently has a weak spot for cute things


Named by: Rimuru

Touka is a cat that was previously called Tora, After it received a new name from Rimuru, it evolved into a unknown specie that can freely morph between a cat and a humanoid form.

In her humanoid form Touka has short brown hair, amber colored eyes and cat-like features like her ears, her tail and it is not confirmed if it is because of her cat resemblance, but from time to time she has the tendency to add 'nya' to her phrases.

Likes spicy food and fish

Touka's skills


Can create clones called Duplicats, same as perfect clones, but can sustain up to 3 of such clones


Become darkness, control darkness, hide 8n darkness and live as darkness


Can store eletric energy over time passively, and then discharge in either a weak discharge or a lethal shock, at Touka's will


Invisibility, basically.

-[Will of D.]

Good luck, theorize hehe

Name: Blizzard

Named by: Rimuru

Blizzard was a unnamed snow bunny, that after she was named by Rimuru she evolved into a ice mink, a rare variation of mink (On this fic).

In her mink version, Blizzard has snow white hair from which she was named, big red eyes and has the back of her hair mostly tied up.

She obviously as any mink, has big bunny ears.

Blizzard has a deep fear of Naruto Uzumaki, because she was almost killed by him before being named, that turned into a instinctual fear.

likes carrots

Blizzard's skills


Teleports the user to anywhere in sight distance, great pairing with Eagle eyesight


The instinct is tge strongest weapon of a woman, can preduct weak points and sometimes even moves of her enemies

-[Eagle eyesight]

Can see far, in high precision


Darkness itself protects you, nothing made out of chakra can hit you

-[Hel, lord of ice]

The lord of ice, servant of Yuna-sama and harbinger of coldness


To be able to confront her fears, Blizzard always wished to get rid of her fear, and when her master Rimuru became a demon lord, her gift during his harvest festival was such

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