20 20 -=A happy day=-

"Kaede-chaaaaan~ , can you introduce me to your friends?" Shizue asked as she barged into the Ichiraku's

"... What are you doing here Shizue-sensei?" Kaede asked, not that she didn't notice them before or heard their loud voices outside, but she didn't expect Shizue to be so... enthusiastic? is that the right word? (Rhetorical question)

"Hi Kaede-chan" Naruto greeted, even if he is more enthusiastic about the ramen than the two new girls, he isn't rude enough to not greet Kaede

"Eep" Blizzard immediately ran behind Kaede to hide

"Nyah? How dare you call Kaede-sama so casually?" Touka got angry, truly opposite reactions

"Ehh? but Shizu-sensei did the same... and what is up with her?"

'But that girl is obviously strong nya!' Touka thought, but didn't say anything

"Sama?" Shizue was intrigued

"This is Blizzard, she is kinda shy around strangers, especially the ones who almost shot a cute bunny with a kunai, RIGHT NARUTO?" Kaede introduced Blizzard as she wouldn't do it herself

"You did WHAT?" Exclaimed Shizue, completely forgetting the 'sama' thing that intrigued her earlier... priorities

"Uhh... I..." Naruto awkwardly tried to explain himself

"He did just that!"

"Nani!" Naruto turned his head towards Sasuke slowly, not believing that he was sold out by him, he looked at Kakashi in hopes of help...

"Yes, that is right" But he only received another stab on the back

"Na. Ru. To!" Shizue said in a menacing tone

"Ah... I... Uhh..." Mumbling incoherent things, Naruto looked horrified

'sigh~ If I don't want to ruin Touka and Blizzard's day off... though they don't work, they still train daily, I will need to help him... Sigh~'

"Shizue-sensei, you ignored Touka's introduction, how mean..." Kaede said, obviously diffusing the situation

"Gahck!" Looking like a arrow just shot her in the back, Shizue held a hand on her chest as she made a hurt look

'oookay... that is definitely not the same Shizue from tensura, so they have different personalities, huh? good to know'

"H-Hi Touka-chan, I am Shizue, but you can call me Shizu, the same goes for you Blizzard-chan"

"My name is Touka-nya, pleased to meet ya" Touka said with her ever-so-cheerful voice

"Uhm... Hi..." Blizzard answered, still hiding behind Kaede

'Those two are so cuuuuute! and they are transformed as demi-humans as well, that only adds more cuteness!' Shizue screamed internally as she almost melted when Blizzard answered

'Umm, she seems to also like kids, maybe some key points are still the same between the two Shizues that I know...' Kaede observed Shizue's reactions and deducted

"Nee, why do you have cat ears and a tail?" Naruto asked Touka

"Uhm? That is because I like them!" Touka answered

"Ok, but isn't that weird?" Naruto asked, he knows how 'weird' it is to use the transformation jutsu to add parts to your body (Naruto uses it to turn into a girl, you can guess what he adds)

"ehhh... so rude..." Kaede commented by the side with a judging gaze

"That is not what I meant! I meant that it should FEEL strange right?" Naruto asked as he tried to touch Touka's tail to prove a point... what point? idk, maybe that it was strange?

"Nya!" Touka appeared behind Kaede as well with a angry gaze directed at Naruto

"Pervert!" Touka said

"What?" Naruto asked, confused

"Ehhh, you are the worst..." Kaede said his a stare that could make anyone feel guilty

"Wha- I didn't do any-" Naruto tried to defend himself

"Oh no! He is learning Kakashi's bad habits!" Shizue said in a disappointed voice

"What are you even on about?" Naruto asked again

"Disgusting!" Sasuke said, though he was as confused as Naruto, he just went with the flow

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked angrily staring at Sasuke

"Ehh, I didn't know Naruto-kun was a pervert..." Said Ayame, Teuchi's daughter that arrived to get their order

"Even you Ayam-" Naruto looked back incredulous, but didn't finish his question when he saw her laughing at him

"Pfft" Ayame was the first one to laugh, before everyone bar 3 people laughed at Naruto

Kaede actually laughed at him, much to everyone's surprise, even Sasuke did

Touka didn't laugh as she was still mad, Blizzard was too scared of Naruto to laugh at him and Naruto wouldn't laugh at himself... most of the times

"..." Naruto was looking at them dumbfounded, they got him good this time

"But seriously Naruto..." Kaede said

Naruto turned to her, expecting a joke or a laugh again

"... Try that again and I will remove your hand" Kaede finished with a super-serious-looking face

Sweating cold, Naruto nodded quickly, he didn't know what he did wrong but he wasn't going to repeat it.

"Hey-nya! can I order already?" Touka asked Ayame impatiently

"Oh, sorry! What do you all want?" Ayame recomposed herself and prepares to note down their order

"I want a spicy ramen with fish bits!" Touka said

"Um" Ayame nodded

'Is there even a spicy fish bits ramen option? Does Teuchi use custom orders?' Kaede asked herself, but how could her mind comprehend the greatness of the sage of six bowls?

"I want 6 bowls of-" Naruto started

"One, Naruto will only get one because he was bad and scared Blizzard and angered me and Touka" Kaede said

"WHAT! THAT IS UNFAIR!" Naruto screamed, but one glare made him comply, especially when no one defended him

"I want a miso pork ramen" Kakashi asked


"One shio ramen please~" Shizue asked

(A/N: I had to search for ramen types on google XD)


"Any ramen but with extra tomatoes" Sasuke said, and Kaede almost laughed at this

'I still remember when Mikoto tricked Sasuke to eat his tomatoes saying that they would make him stronger...



Man, why did I bring this back? now I am sad...'

"Um, and you?"

"*Whispers*" Blizzard whispers to Kaede

"One shoyu ramen for me and one normal ramen with extra carrots for Blizzard"

"Okay, it will be ready in a moment" Ayame said as she went back to the kitchen were Teuchi was, giggling

'Mou, they are so cute, Blizzard-chan even likes carrots and Touka-chan likes fish, that is so perfect!... maybe that is why they choose this forms?' Shizue thought

'Ahh, this happy atmosphere brings back some memories...' Kakashi thought as he remembered spending time like this with Rin, Obito, Minato and Kushina back in the day

'My ramen...' Naruto was depressed, he didn't like that he wasn't going to get as much ramen as he liked

Sasuke had a complex expression to read right now, he saw Kaede almost laugh at him when he asked for tomatoes, and also saw her looking sad for a second before her face went back to her normal 'no-emotions' face

How could he not know what she thought about? he kept eating tomatoes exactly because it is one of his ways to remember those times...

'Uhm... Having some times like this... actually isn't half bad...' Kaede thought as she patted Blizzard's head to calm her down, as she was very nervous to be around Naruto.

Shizue looked at Kaede with a envious gaze

Such a happy day...

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