That one that never comes...Master Lee Nemesis Book

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That one that never comes...Master Lee Nemesis


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African, she found herself in a strange land bought the love of the most fearful man in the country with a strange coin. The family she once built with the grandmother and her sworn sisters had crumbled while she was in debt. She found out the Grandma had another powerful identify, her two sworn sisters were betrothed to 2 of the most powerful and influential families in Asia. she couldn't just fit in anywhere here but needed to survive and clear the debt Lala: Master Gu, you want me to massage your legs? Master Gu: Of course, not these two legs though, another leg. Lala: Really?? I massage with my hands full of blades. Do you still want it? Master Gu: Hahahaha... you don't have to use your hands that are full of blades, you can use something else too. Think about the loan shark and decide in 3 seconds . This tyrannical man...


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