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A girl named Trina Salvador whose life is simple and peaceful. She is a woman with a high outlook on life. She dreams of finishing school to help her mother and to repay all the suffering it has caused her since she was a child. But one day, she will meet a man who will change the course of her life. A billionaire whose pretending to be a nerd, Zephyr Romeo Anderson. A man who loves women and play with them. A billionaire who does not accept rejection, and he will do everything to get what he wants. But he is also man whose carried hatred in his upbringing. He take revenge on all the women he meets in order to fulfill the wish of his father who has hurt when his mother cheated. When he met Trina, the idea of ​​hurting and playing with her as he did with other women immediately formed in his mind and when she fell in love with him, he would leave it that way, he will end it all. But when their relationship lasted, he felt strange. All his plans were ruined because he was the one who fell for her. They say to love is the best feeling and it is also the most painful. Why does it hurt to love? Is it because the time and situation are not right or because you are afraid to fight for the person you love because of those people who have done nothing but hinder you. So if you're going to fall in love, you have to prepare yourself, because it's not just about the thrill and the fun. Especially if you love someone who has no choice but to take revenge. That nerd is a billionaire.