3 My first day as a Knight's Sword

The girl in the armor walks towards a Great mansion.

Opens the Door(Kweekk)

Maids rushed towards her,Good Evening!.

Lady Elsa ,How's your Day.


It's very tiring today I have visited so many stores this morning and my hair is messed up,prepare the bath for me at once!.


As your wish Mam!.And takes the Sword to clean.

(Protagonist)Woah These ladies are carrying me so gently.


Later on

Ouch no noo don't scrub me, hey don't polish my handle its delicate nooooo!

(^_^Plz standby)Meanwhile.

Elsa comes out from the bath,

Lady Elsa where should I keep this sword(Maid)

(Elsa)Keep it on the Table.

She then Uncloth herself.*_*

(Protagonist)Hey wait I don't think so this is going to much further but if I try to peep I can see the other side of the beautiful world.

But his motivation failed as the girl keep her towel on him.

(Protagonist) well that how life gets you pervv..

Elsa walks out the room..

(Protagonist under the towel)

It's so pitch black black.#_#

After some minutes a mysterious voice speaks.

Synchronization Incomplete..

Exp gained:None Today


Oh this again every day since I come in this world this message tablet appear before me .

Does this mean I have to level up or something

As also I don't know much about games ,in my early days I just used to sit around in a corner and study by myself I then thought that it's useless for me to even make friends.

(And soon the Night falls.)

Next Day...

Again maids rushed To Elsa room for preparing Her.

Then she takes the Sword and put it on her waist.

Elsa walks down the stairs,As a young man walks toward her.


My sweet sister,Havent you gave up yet.Its useless for you to became a knight of our Margrethe Family.Only men's are capable of becoming one.


Well look who's telling ,You don't have to tell me what I am capable off,I will carry on the legacy of our great father and she walks out the mansion pridefully.

(Outside)Elsa Grins

Well what's the problem with that jerk he is 4 years younger than me and he talks like he is the older one, I will prove these people that a woman can become a knight surely.

She walks towards a farmer Barn

Hello Mr Rudolf got some time,

(The old man turned towards the girl)

Oh it's you lady Elsa what can I do for you.Today

(Elsa) Nothing much just teach me how to swing a Sword.


wait what? this girl didnt even know how to use a sword, oh shit today will be an awful day,what if she broke me into two, wait will I die for sure this time.No think positive man,Just be a good Sword and swing nice.

(Old man laughs well how can peasant teach a royal)

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Elsa makes face ,Werent you once in the army of our Clover Nation.I am just asking you to teach the basics plzz if you can sort out some of your time.

(Old man)

well you should be ordering instead of just asking me .I am always at your service my Lady.^_^.

Authors Note:(In next chapter we will be seeing how Elsa overcomes her doubt and some Dreadful moments protagonist has gone through)Be sure to comment down as to how I can improve my plot Writting.^_^

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