1 Bumped Into an Unknown world

(Man speaking to himself)In this modern world there are people who are successful and unsuccessful not only in terms of financial status but also in life they are very productive,good in handling things and womans/mens also attract to them.(He then points one couple)Also them how can they be so cozy in this full train packed with people, like oh baby I miss you so much,I too missed you my world.(world? my ass have you ever worked 11 hours a day and still get no attention) also she will leave you asshole when she is done with you(Author Attention :The man in particular role play hates everything).

He then walks out his station and march toward his apartment.As he walks down the street he begins to think about his life more,until a car in high speed approaches him readily.

Man! I am done,tomorrow I will surely ask the boss to low my working hour.

Peppppppp.... peppe

wha what the hel....

Dushhhh..(The car hits him?)

Subconsciously tries to open his eyes

Woah is this the way I will die(and he slowly closes his eyes)

A Bright light flashes before him, wait what am I in afterlife(he asks himself)

An Message like tablet pop out before him

♧Weapon Type= Sword

♧Attack =227/999

♧Durability = 119/500


♧Special attack=Unknown

♤Magic substainbily =Error


What the hell are these?.

(A mysterious voice) Player status initiated

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Processing to Load the world....



Hey wait what the hell is going on here


(An portal opens)


Present Dimension^_^

Protagonist Mom and Sister

Mom.. Why my son has to die this way

(Authors Note)Actually the protagonist die his own death,when the car approaches him in high speed it crashed 40m away from him while he was busy in his own world .The reason behind how he died was his untied shoe lays who got tangled in manhole beneath him and he crashes to a dustbin nearby, falling on his head and thereby he fades away.

protagonist sister(Sobs)..Although my brother was good for nothing at least he did pay me a checkout for my next shopping.

Wait did he send you some money (mom) why didnt you tell me at least with those money we can buy some of the medicine for your dad.

(Protagonist's sister)No mom I will not give you any of it ,she grins.Its also time for the old man to go. What did you say?(Protagonist mother) and the quarrel between this weird family goes on

Protagonist Wakes up ^^ Huhhh where am I,

I can't feel anything ,why can't I move my hand and legs .

Uh..( Panick's)

Then he invert his eyes toward an object in front of him which was a shining armor.

He then saw's his reflection and find himself In a utter disappointment.He was now a Sword.

Wait is this really me .

Woah oh noo..

what the fuckkkkkkkkk


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