2 Samuel?

My home life is very noisy, I live with my mum who's really my dad but just likes being female sometimes he's quite slender in build so is able to pull off both genders, although its really quite normal now days so no one questions it anyway, Then there's my twin younger brothers Tomon and Ryan they have matching jet black hair like me and my 'mum' and crystal blue eyes which are really quite pretty, they got that from our actual mother who hasn't been seen or heard from since she gave birth to them and disappeared.

we also have an older brother called Samuel who lives in the little upstairs bedroom, which is only big enough for a single bed and small desk, not that he ever leaves his computer for anything so we rarely see him, we only hear him sometimes late at night wander out the front door. when Tomon and Ryan get bored at night you can always hear them whispering stories to each other about where Samuel disappears too, always fictional as we don't actually know but as they are only 8 the stories can get quite funny. like Samuel having a secret wife that he goes out to visit every night or Samuel is actually someone like superman ( those boys are too cute).

As the only female in the house (except for when dad becomes mum) I'm usually up first so I can steal the bathroom before everyone wakes up because the boys never knock on the door they just barge right in, anyways on this one particular morning being a Monday I wasn't expecting anyone to be up when I got out of the bathroom to go make myself breakfast, so it scared me quite a bit when I found Samuel of all people on the lounge with dad having a very hushed chat between each other until they saw me.

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" morning sweetie, you making breakfast?" dad comes out with when I stop at the door. "yeah I was going to, why are you up so early?" I continue into the kitchen asking to try get a little hint into what they are up, cause I am very curious as to why Samuel is even out of his room, as I ask though Samuel gets up from the lounge and walks past quite lazily which honestly suits his ratty looking appearance, as he has some stubble growing on his face and his white blonde hair is quite unkept looking and reachs his shoulders in length.


" ahh well I heard the door opening early this morning And was already up so decided to have a little chat with Samuel about his where abouts, I can be worried about my son's whereabouts can't I?" dad says a little sarcastically, to me dads explanation sounds normal except for the little bits of doubt as dad rarely whispers about anything so him having a hushed conversation is almost unheard of, but I let it drop as dad might actually be being completely honest. "sure dad, do you want a fryed egg " ,"Oh yes please!" so I put the order of two fryed eggs and two pieces of toast into the automatic cooker, ours is quite old so it takes a little too start and slightly burns one of the pieces of bread but we get our breakfast in 4 minutes which is record time seeing as the machine is over 15years old and needs a service.

by the time the machine finishes making our school lunchs for the day Tomon and Ryan are already up and ready for school.